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    When the President Rides Ontel in Bandung Ocean Bike


    BANDUNG-After leading the 2018 Heroes' Day commemoration ceremony at the Cikutra National Heroes Cemetery, Bandung, Saturday, November 10, 2018, President Joko Widodo then headed to Gedung Sate. In this West Java government center building, the President then changed into a brown uniform in the style of one of the national heroes, Bung Tomo.

    The President then released at the same time taking part in the 2 notes & Bandung Ocean Bike activity. This event was held by Kodam III / Siliwangi to commemorate Heroes' Day on November 10, 2018.

    "By saying bismillahirrahmanirrahim, 2 notes & Bandung Ocean Bike this morning I declare departing! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!" the President said, lifting the black and white checkered flag.

    Shortly after, the President then boarded an ontel bicycle that had been provided. He was with the West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil, the Chief of Staff of the President of Moeldoko, the TNI Commander Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto, and the National Police Chief General Tito Karnavian began pedaling their bicycles. In addition, it was also attended by Social Minister Agus Gumiwang, Minister of Industry Airlangga Hartarto, Cabinet Secretary Pramono Anung, and Special Staff Coordinator for President Teten Masduki.

    The route taken by the President is Gedung Sate - Jalan Diponegoro - Jalan Ir. Juanda - Jalan Merdeka - Jalan Aceh - Jalan Banda - Door Behind Gedung Sate.

    Throughout the journey, the community seemed to welcome the Head of State with a wave or a small flag. The Head of State returned a wave of their hands and smiled and pedaled his bicycle.

    After arriving at the finish line, President Jokowi explained why he was wearing a uniform like Bung Tomo.

    "This is Heroes' Day, November 10, so the atmosphere in the years 45, in the times of struggle, the atmosphere that we bring up. The atmosphere is why I wear these clothes," the President said.

    "Freedom! The important thing is ... Freedom! Freedom!" continued the President.

    President's Message to the Young Generation

    After cycling with thousands of residents, the President gave a message, especially to the younger generation, so that the spirit of the heroes when fighting for the independence of the Indonesian nation could be imitated and emulated.

    "The enthusiasm to build the country, to continue to build the country. The spirit of the heroes was also the same. The enthusiasm for independence, after that the spirit to build the country, the spirit to advance the country, the spirit to make Indonesia progress," he said.

    Not only that, the Head of State also hopes that every millennial generation has creativity, an innovative spirit, and a high sense of optimism.

    "Yes, as I conveyed the enthusiasm for advancing this nation, the spirit to make this Indonesian country progress. The spirit of innovation, the spirit of creation, the spirit of work, the spirit of work, the spirit of optimism. The main thing is enthusiasm, enthusiasm, enthusiasm," he said. (Even)

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