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    BNN Joined Health Office Researching New Mode of Narcotics Distribution


    BANDUNG - Various ways and modus operandi are carried out by syndicates of drug dealers both carried out by international, regional and network networks in Indonesia, where one of the newest modus operandi is by using sanitary napkins.

    Head of the Provincial Narcotics National Agency (BNNP) of West Java, Pol Brig. Sufyan Syarief stated, related to drug use with a new type, namely by using sanitary napkin media, until now it has collaborated with the Health Office to further investigate the case.

    "The case has been conveyed by the Central BNN that there is a new mode used by young people by soaking sanitary napkins and then boiling them and drinking them to get drunk," he said.

    According to Sufyan, based on the results revealed by the National Narcotics Agency, the cases of the use of sanitary napkins for drug trafficking occurred in villages in Bekasi and Tangerang.

    "Later, we will explain the collaboration between the Department of Health and the National Narcotics Agency about the effect or chemical content like what they are so they become drunk," he said. (Parno)

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