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    BNN Predicted Narcotics Circulation Increases Toward End of Year


    BANDUNG, West Java Provincial Narcotics Agency (BNNP) predicts the circulation of narcotics will increase towards the end of 2018, as in previous years.

    Head of BNNP Jabar, Brigadier General of Police. Sufyan Syarief appealed to all officials and the public to be aware of the distribution and needs of child drugs towards the end of the year, which would usually increase.

    "As usual, towards the end of the year drug trafficking in the community is increasing, so we must be aware of together," Sufyan said, to reporters at Ponyo Restaurant, Bandung, Thursday (08/11).

    According to Sufyan, West Java as the supporting province of the capital city of DKI, it is classified as vulnerable to drug trafficking, where several regions in West Java are indicated as the spread of drugs, such as the Bogor, Tangerang, Kerawang, Sukabumi, Bandung and Cirebon regions.

    "We finally foiled the circulation of narcotics in Tasikmalaya, this proves that drug trafficking is not only in big cities but also in various other regions," he said.

    Sufyan stated that with the circulation of drugs to non-urban areas, the West Java region is currently very vulnerable to drug trafficking.

    "Seeing conditions like this, there needs to be joint attention that West Java is now vulnerable to drug trafficking," he said. (Parno)

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