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    LAN Encourages to Create change Leaders State Civil Apparatus


    BANDUNG-The Central Government through the Institute of State Administration (LAN) continues to strive to encourage more and more State Civil Apparatus (ASN) to become leaders of change, one of which is through Education and Reformer Leader Academy training (RLA) which is one of the means to accelerate the creation of servant figures public like that.

    Head of LAN RI, Adi Suryatno, stated that the RLA was formed so that bureaucratic reforms would be carried out faster both at the institutional and national levels with different concepts from tiered education and training in general, but the participants would receive a certificate of Level II Leadership Training (PIM 2).

    "In the RLA, the participants were encouraged to create change projects together at the institutional and national level," he said on the sidelines of the National Bureaucratic Reform Campaign of RLA Training, at the RI Building Multipurpose Building PKP2A I, Thursday (11/08).

    According to Adi, the change project campaign in the form of the Riung Room concept, is an effort to sell ideas and get support from various groups, where the concept is to create this millennial business ecosystem which is a useful tangible program as a manifestation of Nawacita's implementation.

    "Current bureaucracy has undergone significant changes. According to the Republic of Indonesia's LAN assignments, we want to create change leaders and print the best generation so that public services can be even better," he said. (Parno)

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