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    Rambo and Legok Nangka Will Be the Modern TPA


    BANDUNG-West Java Province will have the modern and integrated final disposal site (TPA) in Indonesia if it has been completed. This was stated by West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) at the Parliament Building West Java, on Friday (03/11/16).

    Aher revealed it after he expressed his opinion related to draft Amendment to the West Java Provincial Regulation No. 12 of 2010 on Waste Management in West Java, which has now been passed into law by the Plenary Session of Parliament of West Java.

    “Next the handling of garbage will conducted in modern way. We are the first in Indonesia. Insha Allah, Nambo and Legok Nangka will be the first final disposal site in the history of Indonesia which is integrated through modern technology and environment friendly,” said Aher after the Plenary Session.

    West Java Provincial Government continues to push and move quickly to complete both the TPA. Aher said until this time Nambo TPA in Bogor is still in the tendering process and will be completed within the next two weeks, while Legok Nangka TPA which located in the two administrative areas which are Garut district and Bandung has reached the process of building the access road to the TPA.

    On this occasion, Aher, adding the issue of garbage, sanitation, and water will have an impact on public health and environment. Aher asked the municipalities government and the whole society in West Java in order to keep the environment and water clean, and makes it the super program in its region.

    "So if we managed to resolve the waste problem, managed to build an ideal sanitation, managed to keep the water clean, it was equal to save the budget significantly," said Aher

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