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    Preventing Stunting, West Java Will Hold Zero Stunting 2023 Campaign


    CIANJUR REGENCY - As a form of commitment to prevent and deal with stunting cases, the West Java Provincial Government will hold a campaign "West Java Towards Zero Stunting Movement 2023" on November 18 at Gasibu Square, Bandung City.

    This was revealed by the Chairperson of the West Java Province PKK TP Atalia Praratya while attending the Stunting Prevention Ambassador training at the Assakinah Multipurpose Building, Sawah Gede, Cianjur District, Cianjur Regency, Thursday (8/11/18).

    Atalia hopes that through this campaign, in the next five years West Java will be free from stunting cases, so that West Java zero stunting will be realized.

    "Hopefully more people will be supervised. They will be able to then maintain the sustainability of their children's lives in the future," Atalia said after the opening of the training program.

    The stunting rate in West Java alone reaches 29.2% or 2.7 million children including in eight districts / cities that have a high prevalence of stunting. Among them are Garut Regency (43.2%), Sukabumi Regency (37.6%), Cianjur Regency (35.7%), Tasikmalaya Regency (33.3%), West Bandung Regency (34.2%), Tasikmalaya City ( 33.2%), Majalengka Regency (30.2%), and Purwakarta Regency (30.1%). Nationally the stunting rate is around 32%.

    Furthermore, Atalia added that in fact the West Java Provincial Government had made various efforts to overcome stunting. Like the Provincial Health Office West Java carries out neonatal maternal health assistance and bimtek improvement in community nutrition. While BKKBN West Java, prevention of stunting is done by optimizing the first 1000 days of life programs and coaching in the Toddler Family Development (BKB) group.

    In addition, the program from the West Java DPMD is a posyandu activity and a village companion scholar. Not to forget the West Java PKK also carried out community nutrition development, socialization of PHBS and strengthening posyandu.

    "Then the most important thing is that we collaborate, we synergize with related agencies. Because it turns out that there are so many agencies involved, "Atalia said.

    "So, if out of the 27 ministries, there are 23 related to this stunting. Including in the West Java Provincial Government including the PKK in it, we are collaborating to prevent this stunting, "he added.

    Prevention of stunting can be done with three things, namely the provision of diet, parenting, and good sanitation to children. Giving a diet by giving half a plate of vegetables and fruit. Half a plate of staple food in the form of carbohydrates and side dishes containing animal and vegetable protein.

    Parents are also required to provide adequate sanitation so that children are free from worms. This can be done through the provision of clean water, healthy and clean latrines, and hand washing using soap and running water.

    While from an early age, prevention of stunting can also be through breastfeeding, such as initiation of early breastfeeding, exclusive breastfeeding until after six months, immunization, supplementary feeding of breast milk aged six to two years, and monitoring the growth and development of children.

    Stunting Ambassador Training

    Cianjur Regency became the first area in West Java to hold a Stuting Prevention Ambassador Training. The training took the theme: "Forming a Superior Free Generation from Stunting through Character Based Care" on November 8-9, 2018 in Gedung Assakinah, Cianjur Regency.

    This training is a form of government commitment in fighting stunting through the Presidential Staff Office. Also present at the training were around 500 posyandu cadres, village midwives, PKK cadres, health promotion officers, and nutrition workers from all of the Cianjur Kabupaen, namely Deputy III Deputy Chief Expert Staff of President Brian Sriprahastuti and resource persons, namely the founder of Indonesia Heritage Foundation Ratna Megawangi , Chair of the Indonesian Lactation Center Truster Utami Rusli, and Duta Stunting, West Java.

    For this year, Cianjur is one of 100 regions that have priority in preventing stunting in Indonesia. For this reason, there are 10 priority villages in Cianjur Regency that receive stunting treatment.

    "The hope is that today's (training) activities will be able to encourage other regional friends to do the same. Because in Cianjur - Alhamdulillah was the first in West Java for implementation related to the preparation of stunting ambassadors, "he hoped.

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