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    West Java Strengthens Collaboration with Wallonia


    NAMUR, BELGIUM - Vice Governor of West Java, UU Ruzhanul Ulum attended Courtesy Call with Governor of Namur, Denis Mathen at the Palais du Gouverneur in Namur, Wallonia Belgium, Monday (6/11/18) local time. Denis representing the Minister of President of Wallonia who was unable to attend the occasion, but was accompanied by the AWEX-Wallonia Operational Manager, Dimitri Duong.

    On that occasion, Denis expressed his condolences to the natural disaster that had befallen Indonesia and the recent plane crash in the Karawang area of West Java. In addition, he also expressed his appreciation that the cooperation of West Java Province and Wallonia Resgion has been realized in the implementation of real work, namely the Economic Mission which brings together West Java and Wallonia entrepreneurs in various fields.

    "We are very happy to be able to accept the Vice Governor (West Java) and the delegation in Wallonia and hope that the Economic Mission which will be held tomorrow will be in line with expectations and a Business to Business cooperation contract between Wallonia businessmen and West Java will be established," he said at the event location .

    The Wallonia community is a coffee and tea drinker, whose annual demand for specialty coffee and tea continues to increase. In addition, for the Field of Animation, Wallonia, which has produced several well-known works such as Asterix and Obelix, Tin Tin and Smurf, is a locus to enrich West Java's animation technology, especially those that are developing in Cimahi. "West Java, with a population of almost 50 million, is ready to support animation and West Java film into the international arena," said Uu.

    Governor Namur on this occasion also added that the Province of Namur has several tourism schools that excel in the areas of restaurants, services and travel and expect exchange of knowledge and learning methods in the field.

    Meanwhile, the West Java Provincial Government hopes to support the implementation of the sister geopark between the existing Geopark in Wallonia, Famene Ardane, to maintain the status of the UNESCO Global Geopark (UGG) for the Ciletuh Palabuhanratu Geopark.

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