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    Basarnas Prayers with Lion Air's Family of Aircraft Victims


    BANDUNG - Feelings of sorrow, sorrow, and hope that vanished to be able to meet again with his son, his father, his mother, his brothers, or relatives who were victims of the Lion Air PK-LQP disaster with flight number JT-610 Cengkareng route - Pangkalpinang on the face of the victim's family.

    The rest, only prayers can be offered, so that they are glorified, forgiven all their sins, and accepted at His side. The grief is so deep. Such is the sight that appears in the stern of the KRI Banjarmasin and Banda Aceh.

    The entire family of victims who want to see Last Know Position (LKP) the crash of the plane and see firsthand how the SAR team is still struggling with all the risks.

    The Head of National Basarnas (Kabasarnas), Vice Marshal M Syaugi, who was on board at the KRI Banjarmasin, could not resist his emotion. The former F16 fighter pilot received hugs and cries from the victim's family. The Adhi Makayasa award winner or the best graduate of the Indonesian Military Academy in 1984 from the Air Mattress was seen kissing the victims' children with empathy.

    "I can feel what my mother and brothers feel," he said in his official statement received in Bandung on Wednesday (11/07/2018).

    When the victim's family sent prayers and flowers from the ship, the SAR team continued to be passionate about carrying out SAR operations. From the aerial observations clearly, Pertamina's Victori Ship equipped with Multi Beam Echo Sounder (MBES), Side Scan Sonar, Ping Locator, Global Positioning System (DGPS), and Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle (ROV) rests using 4 anchors.

    This ship is the central point of the search operation and covers priority area 1, namely the search under the sea. The ship was surrounded by Rubber Boat (RB) or rubber boats as diving points or points by a joint divers team from Basarnas, Denjaka, Kopaska, Taifib, Indonesian Diver Rescue Team, POSSI, and others.

    While in the search sector or priority, dozens of ships from Basarnas, TNI-Polri, Ministry of Transportation, KPLP, KSOP, Customs, Bakamla, BPPT, KKP, Pertamina were added from other SAR Potentials, including fishermen, still searching above the surface.

    "Meanwhile, the SAR team at the Tanjung Pakis Post, is also still carrying out sweeping or sweeping along the water lines to search for and evacuate victims carried by the current," he concluded. (Even)

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