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    West Java Will Become The Host of Asian Tourism Forum


    BANDUNG - West Java will become the host at Asian Tourism Forum (ATF), which is planned to be held on May 7 to 9, 2016 to come.

    This was disclosed by the Head of Institute of Tourism (STP) Bandung Anang Sutono, after meeting the Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar, at Gedung Sate Bandung, Thursday (10/03/16).

    Anang said ATF is an international forum that will be attended around 30 countries in the Asian region. But moreover, a number of western countries such as America, Canada, England, and Australia also planned to be present at the forum.

    This tourism organisation forum is a forum for tourism stakeholders, such as the tourism researchers, the tourism industry practitioners, academics, government officials and stakeholders in the tourism policy.

    In this forum, the tourism stakeholders can coordinate and exchange information as the development of a sustainable tourism industry, both on local, national, and worldwide. The tourism world should be developed and continues to grow. Therefore it is the most powerful tool for the prosperity of society.

    “I’m as the head of STP need to consult with Vice Governor related to the plan that West Java will become the host in organising the Asian Tourism Forum (ATF),” said Anang.

    "We wish the results of our research will be shown can be applied in West Java. A good research is a workable, because many problems to be solved by the tourism research. We believe tourism is one of the most powerful tools for the people prosperity,” adds Anang.

    AFT will have the theme of A New Approach of Wonderful Tourism, and it will explore new approaches to the tourism industry. With the goal, in giving strategic benefits to the community through tourism. For example, tourism will be important for the community if it can drive the people economy, explore the environment, and increase the popularity in a particular area. It means that tourism can improve the life quality of many people.

    Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar said that the prosperity of the community through tourism also need its empowerment. Community must be equipped with knowledge about tourism.

    "Human resources in the field of tourism should be equipped with knowledge about tourism. Because it should be the main actors of tourism is their community,” said Deddy.

    In addition, a good promotion is also important which need a creative touch, by managing the remarkable destinations which also packaged in a creative way. It will attract visitors to visit the tourist destination.

    The supporting infrastructure accessibility of an area also needs a special attention in order for the visitor would not hesitate to visit it.

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