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    Cipatujah Bridge is Collapsing, West Java Provincial Government Immediately Send Response Team


    BANDUNG - The West Java Provincial Government is moving quickly to carry out an assessment and response to the interruption of the lane connecting the road between Tasikmalaya and Cipatujah due to the collapse of the Cipatujah Bridge, Sungai Ciandung, Tasikmalaya Regency.

    West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil said that his office through the West Java Provincial Office of Highways and Spatial Planning along with the National Roads Implementation Agency (BPJN) immediately sent instruments to build emergency bridges with steel (Bailey Bridge). This was revealed in Bandung, Tuesday (6/11/18).

    Head of Transportation Agency of West Java Dedi Taufik, said the temporary traffic flow from Sindangbarang to Tasikmalaya was diverted through Pameungpeuk Garut then from the direction of Pangandaran to Sindangbarang was transferred through Tasikmalaya.

    "The bridge was cut off at around 03.00 WIB, Tuesday 6 November 2018 on the national road section, the length of the bridge is estimated to be 120 m. "The bridge was cut off because the foundation was hit by the scouring of heavy river water, around 60 m," he said when contacted by West Java Public Relations on Tuesday (6/11/18).

    Head of Prov. Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) West Java, Dicky Saromi, delivered information on the incident on November 6, 2018 at 11.00 WIB. It was stated that moderate to high intensity rain which flushed several areas in the Tasikmalaya Regency from 20.00 to 04.00 WIB had resulted in an overflow of the Cipatujah river flow in Cipatujah District. This caused at least three sub-districts to be flooded.

    The affected districts were Cipatujah Subdistrict, Karang Nunggal District and Culamega District. "Until this report was revealed, it was recorded that at least 50 households in Cipatujah Subdistrict were flooded, while for Karang Nunggal and Cumaluga subdistrict are still in the verification phase, "he said.

    "The water level varies, Cipatujah Subdistrict between 50 Cm - 1.8 Meters at 01.00 WIB. While in Karang Nunggal Subdistrict at 03.00 WIB between 30 Cm, up to 200 Cm, "he explained.

    According to the report, four people / victims with the sex of two men and two women were found, for the victims' data still in the process of identifying the related parties because there was no identity found by the victim. At present the evacuation process is still ongoing, and West Java Province BPBD is sending a team for assistance and disaster management assistance in Tasikmalaya District.

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