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    Secretary Iwa Requested Cibodas Biosphere Reserve Branding


    BOGOR-West Java Provincial Government is committed to continuing to preserve the Cibodas Biosphere Reserve that has been established by UNESCO since 1977.

    Bogor Regency, Sukabumi Regency, and Cianjur Regency have been appointed as UNESCO where the Cibodas Biosphere Reserve was then part of the world's Biosphere Reserve and was first established.

    This was conveyed by the Regional Secretary (Sekda) of West Java Province, Iwa Karniwa when opening the Cibodas Biosphere Reserve Management Meeting with the theme 'Product Branding and Community Empowerment in Cibodas Biosphere Reserve Area' in the BKPP Office Hall Region I West Java Province, Monday (5/11 / 18).

    Biosphere reserves are ideal areas for testing and demonstrating approaches to regional development. "Because this region characterizes the harmony between economic development, community empowerment and environmental conservation," he said.

    "The concept of processing Biosphere Reserves is in line with the commitment of the West Java Provincial Government, which has established protected areas with a proportion of 45 percent of the total area of the province," he said.

    Biosphere Reserve Management is divided into three zoning areas. The first core area is in Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park which is a conservation forest area.

    "Second and third, buffer zones and transition areas in the form of forest areas, plantation areas, owned land, and other land that has been encumbered with rights in Bogor Regency, Sukabumi Regency and Cianjur Regency," said Iwa.

    Thus West Java must feel proud of the existence of Cibodas Biosphere Reserve as a natural potential for community empowerment. So Iwa asked the relevant parties to recapitulate, make an action plan about socialization and products, allocate budgets, and immediately take steps to coordinate with various parties to facilitate branding.

    Head of West Java BKPP Development Region I Supriatno said, this meeting was an annual agenda related to the management of Cibodas Biosphere Reserve. This area is considered important as a vehicle for research, tourism, education and empowerment of communities around the Cibodas Biosphere Reserve.

    In addition, Chairman of the National Committee of MAB UNESCO Indonesia / Institute of Life Sciences Deputy of the Institute, Enny Sudarmonowati said, there were 686 reserves in 122 countries, one of which was Cibodas Biosphere Reserve. Its age has reached 40 years compared to reserves in other regions and countries.

    So Enny argues that the importance of branding in the introduction of products and destinations from reserves to community empowerment. There are natural potentials that are able to become an attraction and are sought after such as persimmon, kupalandak, strawberries and artemesia plants for medicines.

    So as a follow up, Enny revealed several things. Among them, despite being a model of Biosphere Reserve in Indonesia, managers of Cibodas Biosphere Reserve need to coordinate more intensively with the parties, more branding needs to be done regarding accommodation and environmental services (linked to ISO 26000), science and technology needs and innovation to increase product added value / services.

    Then, more socialization and awareness programs need to be carried out by involving young people and early age to make publications more interesting. Private / industrial contributions need to be improved and more routine communication / monitoring / technical and technical meetings need to be improved.

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