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    West Java Provincial Government Wins 'Informative' Category in Central Information Commission Award


    JAKARTA - The West Java Provincial Government received an Award from the Central Information Commission (KIP) for its achievement as an 'Informative' Province in the Awarding of Public Information Openness.

    The Governor of West Java, Ridwan Kamil, received this award directly from Indonesian Vice President Jusuf Kalla at the Indonesian Vice-President's Palace, Jakarta, Monday (05/11/18). According to him, this award is a form of seriousness of the West Java Provincial Government in managing information widely and openly.

    "This is part of the spirit of the Provincial Government, the Civil Servants, and the people of West Java that we currently live in a very open situation. As leaders, we must also be open to the needs and willingness of the community," said Emil, Akrab Ridwan Kamil when met after receiving the award.

    "In the future we will see which aspects need to be maintained and which we will not improve," he said.

    The West Java Provincial Government won the Informative Province category as a result of Monitoring and Evaluation of Public Body Information Openness after going through several stages of assessment.

    Monitoring and Evaluation of Public Information Openness (KIP) of the 2018 Public Agency is carried out by the Central Information Commission to determine the implementation of Information Disclosure in Public Bodies as mandated by Law Number 14 of 2008 concerning Public Information Openness and Information Commission Regulation Number 1 of 2010 concerning Standards Public Information Services.

    In the monitoring and evaluation, the Central Information Commission assessed several indicators, namely Website Development Indicators, Public Information Announcement Indicators, Public Information Service Indicators, and Public Information Provision Indicators.

    Then, to improve the quality of information disclosure in West Java, later Governor Emil and his staff will conduct direct monitoring, by asking the public.

    "We will evaluate the community whether the West Java Provincial Government has met expectations or not. If not, we will try to continue to improve ourselves," added Emil.

    In addition to West Java, there are three other provinces that are categorized as 'Informative', namely the Government of the Province of Central Java, the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta, and the Government of the Province of West Kalimantan.

    This year the West Java Provincial Government through the Information and Documentation Management Officer (PPID) under the command of the Bureau of Public Relations and Protocol of the West Java Provincial Secretariat has succeeded in increasing its Public Information Openness index from the former "Informative Province" category to "Informative Province". This category is the highest category with a value range of 90-100.

    The Head of the Public Relations and Protocol Bureau of the West Java Regional Secretariat as well as the chairman of the Main PPID of West Java Province said that this achievement was a high surge achieved in good cooperation with all the Regional Devices of West Java Province.

    While the Indonesian Vice President, Jusuf Kalla (JK) said, the importance of the implementation of information disclosure at this time. Therefore it is necessary to monitor the performance of government institutions.

    Even more specifically, JK hopes that with this information disclosure, it can be applied to carry out the supervisory function. Although in the end it still still found problems, both during the supervision process and at the end.

    "Of course this (supervision) facilitates us, because openness without supervision is also difficult," he said.

    "Indonesia is one of the most supervised countries. There are KPK, police, prosecutors, BPK, all of them examine all of you. So if the question checks us, the champion, even though we feel so many checks in the country. openness so that supervision becomes easier, "JK said.

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