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    Reducing Poverty, Vice Governor Uu: Collaboration is What We Need


    BANDUNG - Collaboration and coordination are the main keys to alleviating poverty in West Java Province. As the province with the largest population in Indonesia, the poverty rate is indeed low but in terms of numbers, the poor population in West Java is quite a lot.

    Vice Governor of West Java, who is also the Chairperson of the West Java Province Poverty Reduction Coordination Team (TKPK), Uu Ruzhanul Ulum stressed the importance of joint efforts or collaboration between the Regional Government of West Java Province and the Regency / City governments in West Java. There needs to be program synchronization between poverty alleviation programs in provinces and districts / cities.

    "Our program is collaborative, together, so our programs must connect with existing programs in the district / city. So we need this collaboration," Uu said after he opened the TKPK Coordination Meeting which was held in the Soehoed Warnaen Hall, West Java Bappeda Office , Ir. H. Djuanda Street No. 287, City of Bandung, Monday (5/11/18).

    For this reason, in the coordination meeting attended by Vice Regents and Vice Mayors in West Java, it is expected that there will be a solution to overcome poverty in the region.

    "Later there must be a solution in this coordination meeting. Look for solutions or similar points," Uu asked in his remarks.

    Uu also stressed that in overcoming poverty in the regions, especially in rural / urban areas there are several aspects that need attention. First, the accessibility of roads or infrastructure for the community is mainly related to the economic activities of the community. Second, irrigation problems for agriculture. And third, SME development by the district / city government.

    In line with the Deputy Governor of Uu, Head of West Java Bappeda Yerry Yanuar said, the coordination meeting was to equalize the perception of the prevention program in West Java. Later the concept produced in coordination meetings will be included in the RPJMD of West Java Province 2018-2023.

    "We want to equalize perceptions about poverty reduction in West Java for the next five years," Yerry said.

    The poverty reduction program is one of the efforts of the West Java Provincial Government in improving people's welfare, in addition to reducing unemployment, managing space and the environment, and public services.

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