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    Need Govt’s Commitment to Maintain the UKG Quality Results


    BANDUNG - Members of the House of Representatives Commission X, Nurhasan Zaidi in a release received jabarprov.go.id, Friday (11/3) described the government should strongly committed to maintaining the quality program of Teacher Competency Test Results (UKG) because these program has been implemented in November 2015. It still requires controls to keep the quality in the technical level.

    It should be noted that these global design program as a follow-up results of UKG that should be made to the technical level in details to achieve the targets.

    The follow-up of Master Learner Program was designed with three types, namely Education and Training face to face, Daring (online), and Combination. Thirdly has a diverse challenges and complexity. 

    Therefore, the government is expected to remain committed to protecting the results of this UKG program. Reminds the essential problem of education in Indonesia, was not only a question of affordability but also the quality and teachers’s welfare.

    Nurhasan said in principle to give appreciation to the ranks of the General Director of Teachers and Education Personnel who has been running the UKG program. Hopefully, a follow-up program can also improve the quality and capacity of teachers.

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