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    BUMN Offers Benefits Investment for Apartments Up to 40 Percent


    BANDUNG - One of the state-owned subsidiaries of PT Wijaya Karya through its subsidiary, PT Wijaya Karya Realty (WIKA Realty), offers 40% benefits investment in the field of apartments.

    WIKA Realty's Managing Director, Agung Salladin, explained that the company is targeting the investor market because this apartment is an attractive investment with a price increase of up to 4 times the purchase price. He said, since it was released 13 years ago, the prices of apartments that had been sold had risen by around 500%, so the average investment profit could reach 38-40% per year.

    Based on several other WIKA Realty development projects, Agung said investment in apartments, especially Taman Kencana La Grande, included providing high returns with investment returns of between 20-25% per year.

    "But some of our apartment locations are very strategic, this investment profit can be up to 40%. For example in Sudirman, within 1 to 2 years, it is like we are investing capital, break the point (BEP)," he said when launching the Tamansari Apartment Kencana at Bandung's Best West Tern hotel, Monday (11/05/2018).

    Located in the exclusive residential area of Terusan Jakarta Street, Antapani Bandung, Tamansari Kencana Apartments has a land area of 1.5 ha consisting of three tower apartments with 1,614 units available in four room types, namely Type Studio, One Bedroom, Two Bedroom and Three Bedroom types with prices around Rp350 million to Rp1.5 billion according to the type of unit owned.

    Meanwhile, Manager of the Marketing Bureau of PT WIKA Realty, Kukuh Ariadi, said that in addition to targeting investors, it also tries to work on the millennial market. According to him, with a price range of Rp350 million, it can be reached by the millennials who have just entered the workforce.

    Kukuh said the millennial market share was high after the upper middle class became one of the factors WIKA Realty marketed this product. "It is relatively cheap when compared to housing prices in Bandung which have reached Rp. 900 million," he added.

    In addition, the various support of banking products with a 50% down payment and installments of 25 to 30 years increasingly provide convenience for millennials to be able to own apartments in the Bandung area.

    "With such a price, it will be achieved, in accordance with the income of millennials who have just entered the workforce, now there are many banking products that make it easier for millennials to have an apartment in the Bandung area," he explained.

    Meanwhile, in order to support the comfort of residents of the Tamansari Kencana apartment, WIKA Realty applies a different concept to other apartments.

    Kreasindo Tekno Art Bias Leader Sardjono Sani, who has experience in the Indonesian architecture field, said that in the apartment there is one floor consisting of 30 units, designed with full furniture and putting forward the green of the Tamansari Brand.

    "Maybe the most different is that we want to live in an apartment but the residents are not individual. They can still interact with other residents. Living in an apartment may be modern but local wisdom must be maintained," he concluded. jo

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