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    The Ministry of Social Affairs Encourages Regents and Mayors to Become Disaster Preparedness Trustees


    SUMEDANG - The Ministry of Social Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia (Ministry of Social Affairs) encourages the Regent and Mayor to become a Midwife Disaster Management (Tagana) in order to become a pioneer and invite people to care about disasters.

    Director General of Social Protection and Security of the Republic of Indonesia Ministry of Social Affairs Harry Hikmat exemplified the Deputy Regent of Sumedang Erwan Setiawan as the supervisor of the Regional Disaster Preparedness (TAGANA) honor and member of the House of Representatives Commission VIII Lilis Santika as the TAGANA honorary advisor.

    The TAGANA Trustees in the region Erwan carried out as regional heads were tasked with increasing TAGANA control and APBD budget support. Meanwhile, the coach of respect that was pinned to Lilis Santika, a Member of Commission VIII, had an assignment area throughout Indonesia.

    "The Honorary Trustee is also in charge of providing support and fighting for the budget for natural disaster management in the Indonesian Parliament," he told reporters in Cimanintin Village, Jati Nunggal District, Sumedang Regency, Sunday (11/04/2018).

    Harry explained that Tagana is a social volunteer or Social Welfare Worker from a community that has concern and is active in disaster management in the field of social protection.

    As Pembina Tagana, it is expected that regional heads can become pioneers in spearheading disaster preparedness. "Moreover, they are expected to be able to prepare a budget for mitigation and mitigation efforts in their regions," he said.

    The Director General revealed the role of the Ministry of Social Affairs in disaster management to cover 3 major things.

    The three things are, Strengthening Social Capacity carried out at the stage before the disaster, Social Assistance, in the event of a disaster, and Social Recovery, in the later stages after a disaster occurs.

    During the Phase of Strengthening Social Capacity, the Ministry of Social Affairs (1) built a Social Protection Disaster Management System; (2) preparing supporting facilities and infrastructures; (3) developing Tagana HR capacity and social volunteers; (4) forming a Disaster Alert Village; (5) establish a Local Social and Wisdom Harmony Forum; (6) socialization, simulation, and field rehearsals.

    Meanwhile, at the Social Assistance Phase, the Ministry of Social Affairs conducts: (1) mobilizing Tagana and other social volunteers to carry out evacuations and assessments; (2) channeling assistance and fulfillment of basic needs (food, clothing, shelter) and special handling for vulnerable groups; (3) conducting social advocacy and psychosocial support services.

    "Furthermore, in the Social Recovery Stage, the Ministry of Social Affairs conducts: (1) providing relief assistance in the form of social compensation, life insurance, and other stimulant assistance; (2) psychosocial advocacy and support services; and (3) implementing referrals," he concluded. (Even)

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