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    The Government Made Cimanintin as the 628th Disaster Alert Village


    SUMEDANG - The Government through the Ministry of Social Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia (Kemensos) has designated Cimanintin Village, Jati Nunggal Subdistrict, Sumedang Regency as the 62nd Disaster Preparedness Village (KSB). The goal is to prevent the village from falling victim in the future.

    The purpose of KSB is to provide understanding and awareness of the community about disaster hazards and risks, establish community-based disaster alert networks and strengthen social interaction among community members, organize trained communities to prepare for disasters, and optimize existing potential and resources for disaster management.

    "The readiness of Cimanintin Hamlet residents is very much needed to minimize casualties. This hamlet is very prone to disasters. This hamlet is the 5th KSB in Sumedang Regency," said Director General of Social Protection and Social Security of Republic of Indonesia Ministry Harry Hikmat to reporters in Cimanintin Village, Jati Nunggal District, Regency Sumedang, Sunday (11/04/2018).

    Harry said the Ministry of Social Affairs targets the establishment of 100 KSB in a number of districts and cities this year. He also hopes that the KSB in Sumedang Regency will continue to grow. This is part of the government's efforts to encourage community preparedness in the face of disasters.

    Harry stressed that living in a disaster-prone location does not mean living in fear. Nor is it waiting for the disaster to come and then moves and trains citizens to face disaster preparedness.

    "But we must realize that Indonesia is a region with risk of disaster-prone so it must always be alert. In terms of this alertness, of course people who are more aware of the condition of their respective regions because they are their residence," he said

    Harry hopes that the Regional Government of Sumedang Regency will pay more attention to the environment in their area because there are many disasters today. Especially in a cabinet meeting some time ago the Indonesian President, Joko Widodo, mandated that all elements of society pay more attention to their environment.

    "In the cabinet meeting the President advised that all elements to be aware of potential disasters in their respective regions," he said

    KSB is a community-based disaster management forum that is used as an area or place for disaster management programs. For the Sumedang area, the existence of Village-based KSB was increased to be based on sub-districts. In this district there are 26 sub-districts. Hopefully all sub-districts can become KSB.

    "If everything has been formed, it can be upgraded to Disaster Preparedness District," he explained.

    The Director General explained that there are five things that must be considered in relation to KSB. First, residents of the Disaster Prepared Village must have strong mentality. Second, solidarity. Solidarity must characterize the citizens of the Disaster Alert Village because disasters can never be faced individually.

    "Here compactness is important, all components of society start from adolescents, until seniors must stand shoulder to shoulder," he said.

    The third thing, sensitivity. Disaster Preparedness Residents must be sensitive especially in their ability to detect early symptoms of natural phenomena so that they are better able to anticipate. Knowledge and skills become the fourth thing that must be considered in relation to KSB.

    "Residents must also have the ability and skills that can minimize the impact of disasters," he added.

    While the fifth thing, continued Harry, villagers in disaster preparedness must be diligent in exercising their readiness. Willingness and sincerity in training programs is important to be the agenda of the citizens.

    "In addition to the readiness of citizens, the active role of regional governments is very important," he concluded. (Pun)

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