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    Relocation of Cimanintin Residents, Ministry of Social Affairs Distributes Assistance of Rp. 1.6 Billion


    SUMEDANG - Ministry of Social Affairs (Ministry of Social Affairs) handed over Rp. 1.6 billion in aid to mobile land victims in Cimanintin village, Jati Nunggal District, Sumedang Regency.

    Director General of Social Protection and Security of the Republic of Indonesia Ministry of Social Affairs Harry Hikmat said that the assistance consisted of stimulant assistance for house construction of 1.575 billion rupiah and assistance for the Disaster Preparedness Village (SSB) social assistance of 69.57 million rupiah and field public kitchen motors.

    "The stimulant assistance was given to 63 family heads of 25 million each. Besides that, we also prepared assistance for KSB," Harry Hikmat told reporters in Cimanintin Village, Jati Nunggal District, Sumedang Regency, Sunday (11/04/2018).

    Harry revealed the high intensity of rain in West Java some time ago resulted in natural disasters at several points. One of them is land movement in the Cimanintin Hamlet, Babakan Sawah Block, Cimanintin Village, Jati Nunggal District, Sumedang.

    "This is due to continuous high rainfall, this land movement has damaged the homes of around 63 families," he said

    He added that the area affected by land movement in this hamlet reached 4 hectares. For this reason, residents in the area are moved to safer or relocated places.

    "Those affected have been relocated to safer places with the help of the local government and the Ministry of Social Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia," he concluded (Pun)

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