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    The Quality of Railway Infrastructures Needs to be Improved


    BANDUNG - Vice Chairman of the House of Representatives Commission V Yudi Widiana Adia, in a release received jabarprov.go.id, Friday (11/3) described many cases of train accidents in some areas. The government through the Ministry of Transportation was asked to provide a serious concern on improving the quality of railway infrastructure.

    The accidents has often occurred, where some of the findings from NTSC mentioned that the cause of the train accidents due to the weak of railway infrastructure. This should be a concern of PT. KAI as the operator and the Ministry of Transportation as regulator.

    The issue of railway infrastructure should not be delegated to PT. KAI. The government's policy has handed over the implementation of the railway infrastructure to PT. KAI, including maintenance and operation assessed will weigh on the performance of PT. KAI.

    According to Yudi, in Article 17 of Law No.23/2007 on the Implementation of the public railway which consisting of the administration and facilities of rail infrastructure. In Article 214 of Law No.23/2007 also mandates the government to form a business entity in the implementation of infrastructure not later than 3 years after the railway law was passed or in 2010.

    However, until now the government has not formed a business entity in organising infrastructure. Instead, the government delegate that task to the operator PT. KAI as well as the organising of railway facilities.

    Until now the government has not yet set up an infrastructure providers, otherwise it burden PT. KAI to hand over the authority to PT. KAI. 

    On the other hand, the human resources needs in the field of railways is still lacking. Based on data from the Ministry of Transportation. Meanwhile, Yudi said the human resource of railways graduates only about 30 people/year.

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