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    Minister of Home Affairs: IPDN Praja will be Assigned throughout the Archipelago



    SUMEDANG - Indonesian Minister of Home Affairs (Minister of Home Affairs) Tjahyo Kumolo said PDN graduates would be placed throughout the archipelago covering 178 sub-districts.

    This is in accordance with the instructions of the President of the Republic of Indonesia Joko Widodo so that the Praja IPDN does not appear as a regional spirit but has national responsibility. He gave an example that Praja from West Java were no longer placed in their home areas but could be assigned to Aceh, Sumatra and Papua.

    "So for the past two years, Praja IPDN will be distributed to every region, especially the border region," he told reporters on the IPDN campus on Friday (11/2/2018).

    Asked about the violence that had occurred in the IPDN campus environment, the Minister of Internal Affairs confirmed that so far it had not received the report.

    "So far it's safe because we conducted screening and ideological guidance, so there was never any more violence found within the IPDN campus," he said.

    The Minister of Home Affairs also added that his party would take firm action against those who violated regulations such as getting involved in drugs, immorality, violence, and violations of other regulations. Including being involved in conflict with Akmil and the Police Academy.

    "Of course we will immediately expel the civilian who violates the law," he concluded. Jo

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