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    The Chairperson of the West Java TP PKK Visits Tuti Tursilawati Family


    MAJALENGKA-Chairperson of TP-PKK West Java Atalia Praratya visited the residence of the Tuti Tursilawati family, a migrant worker who died in Saudi Arabia, in Cikeusik Village, Sukahaji District, Majalengka, Thursday (11/11-18) The arrival of Atalia with the head of the West Java DP3AKB, the Regional Secretary, the Chair of the PKK and the Head of Labor Majalengka, was welcomed by mothers and children of Tuti.

    Atalia expressed her condolences and concern for the incident that happened to Tuti without the knowledge of her family and the government.

    "I am also concerned and condolent to the families left behind, hopefully this incident will not befall our community again," he said.

    According to him, maximum efforts have been made by the central and regional governments such as assistance since the case in 2010 ago.

    "Efforts have been made maximally by the central and regional governments because this has been running since 2010, the process is very long. I also see that assistance efforts have often been carried out," said Atalia.

    One effort to prevent similar incidents is not repeated, West Java TP-PKK together with the Office of Women's Empowerment, Child Protection and Family Planning in West Java will strengthen women's empowerment.

    "What we do is prevention so that it doesn't happen like this again later. This is my job with DP3AKB," he said.

    The plan in the near future will be the establishment of women's schools throughout West Java. The school aims to improve family resilience, eliminate trafficking, reduce divorce rates and empower women economically. The establishment of a female school according to Atalia is very important to be done immediately

    "It is important to do it in the near future. Regions like Cimahi, Bogor City have already done that. We have prepared the instruments so that in the future women will be smart, independent and resilient," he said.

    Atalia said, the number of migrant workers from Majalengka was quite high at 8,000 and 3,000 of them became workers in Saudi Arabia. Especially in Cikeusik Village there were 400 TKWs but now the number has decreased to 50 people.

    "We have to monitor them. My hope is that women actually know what to do when a problem occurs," said Atalia. At the end of his visit, Atalia provided assistance / Kadeudeuh which was handed over to Tuti's Mother.

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