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    The 100 Day Work Program, Ridwan Kamil Opens the West Java Chamber of Commerce Expo


    BANDUNG - As a form of synergy between the Regional Government of West Java Province and the West Java Indonesian Chamber of Commerce (Kadin) holding a cast of the West Java Kadin Expo. This is one of the 100 days work program for the Governor of West Java.

    West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil along with Chairperson of West Java DPRD Ineu Purwadewi Sundari, and Chairman of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Rosan P Roeslani and General Chairman of West Java Kadin Agung Suryamal officially opened the craft exhibition of entrepreneurs from across the archipelago at Trans Convention Center, Gatot Subroto Street Bandung, Thursday (1/11/18).

    "Thank you, this (Kadin Jabar Expo) is a 'gift' from Kadin, part of our 100-day program, Governor (West Java) and Vice Governor," said Emil, the Governor's nickname in his speech.

    "To show a minimum of synergy, it has felt extraordinary like this," he continued.
    The West Java Kadin Expo takes the theme: "Crafter's Week" Sabang to Merauke which was held on 1-4 November 2018 at Trans Convention Center. There are more than 100 entrepreneurs participating in this expo. 85% of them are independent entrepreneurs and 15% are assisted Regional Government of West Java Province.

    It is expected that the West Java Kadin Expo can be held every year to improve the competitiveness of the quality of superior local products, so that local products will be of higher quality and have global competitiveness.

    In addition, the General Chairman of West Java Chamber of Commerce and Industry Agung Suryamal revealed, this exhibition was driven by the current economic conditions which were quite declining. Agung said, this decline was due to Indonesia's poor trade balance deficit.

    For this reason, Agung hopes that there will be government policies that can boost Indonesia's export products. Because according to Agung, West Java has good export products but has not been well optimized.

    "In West Java, I hope that there is a Kadin Expo which I hope we can select for these products. We can evaluate it to become a superior product in Indonesia," Agung said.

    This exhibition also received appreciation from the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. According to Chairman of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Rosan P Roeslani, this exhibition is a collaborative effort that must continue to be established between the business world, Kadin, and the government. Because without collaboration or collaboration it will not achieve optimal results.

    Therefore, collaboration between the Regional Government of West Java Province and West Java Kadin is needed to continue to promote domestic products.

    "We must push and boost our exports, because if this is not what we are experiencing, at the moment the trade balance deficit is widening and this could lead to weakening our currency," said Rosan.

    West Java has tremendous potential in the field of trade. According to Rosan, what needs to be done now is guidance and encouragement for entrepreneurs, both in terms of financing and marketing.

    "Because this is the backbone of our economy and small and medium enterprises which absorb employment by approximately 90 percent, but its contribution to the economy in Indonesia is only 17 to 18 percent," he said.

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