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    BKD Award 2018, West Java State Civil Apparatus are Requested Integrity, Professional & Serving


    BANDUNG - The Regional Civil Service Agency (BKD) of West Java Province again this year gave the BKD Award for Good Civil Service Management and Civil Servants in West Java in 2018.

    Representing the Governor of West Java, Regional Secretary (Sekda) of West Java Province Iwa Karniwa gave this award in the Night of the Good Civil Service Management Award and Outstanding Civil Servant in West Java in 2018 at Gedung Sate, Diponegoro Street No. 22, Bandung City, Wednesday night (10/31/18).

    In this event, the Governor advised that State Civil Apparatus in West Java must be able to answer the challenges of the times through integrity, professionalism, and serving with the heart.

    "I advised that the ASN (State Civil Apparatus) of West Java must be able to answer the challenges of development, change, and the needs of the times while maintaining integrity, professionalism and service with the heart," said West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil in his remarks read by Secretary Iwa Karniwa.

    This year is the fifth year of organizing the awarding of Staffing Management awards to either the BKD / BKPSDM or agencies that handle personnel affairs in West Java and the fourth year awarding outstanding civil servants throughout West Java.

    Head of West Java BKD Sumarwan Hadi Soemarto said, the award was related to the management of personnel management in the future. Where someone's achievement will be one part or a factor of evaluation for the development of his career.

    "Therefore, at night, giving gifts or giving awards to agencies in order to be more encouraging to develop three things," Sumarwan said in his report.

    These three things, namely: Staffing Management, Career Development Management, and Innovation. For this reason, it is expected that every institution and employee in the West Java Provincial Government and district / city governments in West Java will continue to innovate in their respective fields.

    The winners of the BKD Award received awards in the form of trophies, awards, and cash. In addition, civil servants who are presenting also get another prize, which is Umrah worship.

    Here are the 2018 BKD Award winners:
    Regency / City Level
    1. The Best Category of Staffing Services
    Cluster I: Bogor Regency
    Cluster II: Kuningan Regency
    Cluster III: City of Depok
    2. Best Career Management Category
    Cluster I: City of Bandung
    Cluster II: City of Bekasi
    Cluster III: City of Bogor
    3. The Best Innovation Category
    Cluster I: City of Bandung
    Cluster II: Karawang Regency
    Cluster III: City of Bogor
    4. DOB (New Autonomous Region) Inspired: Pangandaran Regency
    Winner of the Regional Level BKD Award
    5. Good Civil Service Management Large OPD
    First Best: West Java Provincial Health Office
    Second Best: Regional Revenue Agency of West Java Province
    6. Good Civil Service Management Small OPD
    First Best: Regional Planning and Development Board of West Java Province
    Second Best: West Java Province Tourism and Culture Service
    Outstanding Civil Servants Who Have Innovations
    7. General Functional Position Category:
    1. Deden Rudiana, SKM (Planning, Evaluation & Reporting Analyst at the Office of the Environment of West Java Province)
    2. Ade Kartiwa, S.ST (Coordinator of Bogor Children's Social Protection Service Unit at the Social Service Office of West Java Province)
    8. Category of Specific Functional Position:
    1. Ayu Kuswantinah, S.Sos., MT (Young Planner on the Housing and Settlement Office of West Java Province)
    2. Anna Oktavia, ST (Environmental Supervisor at the Environmental Office of West Java Province)
    9. Category of Echelon IV Structural Position:
    1. Dani Dayawiguna, SP., MP (Head of Section for Seed Technology Implementation at the Plantation Office of West Java Province)
    2. Dwi Yudhi Ginanto Rahman, SP., MAP (Head of Integration and Interoperability Section at the Office of Communication and Information of West Java Province)
    3. Erik Wahyu Purwanegara, SP (Head of Business Development and Facilities Section at the Office of Industry and Trade of West Java Province)
    10. Echelon III Structural Position Category:
    1. Drs. M.A. Afriandi, MT (Secretary to the West Java Province Community and Village Empowerment Service)
    2. Dr. Drg. Marion Siagian, M.Epid (Head of Health Services at the West Java Provincial Health Office)
    3. Dr. Drs. H. Dudung A Suganda, M.Sc (Head of Plant Seed Production and Development Center at the Plantation Office of West Java Province)

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