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    Enhanced the Waste Management Rules


    BANDUNG-In West Java, the rules of waste management in the form of legislation should be improved. Rules improvements that governing waste management has been set out in the plenary session on Friday (11/3).

    In line with the publication of a new law, signed stipulation by West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan and Chairman of West Java Parliament Ine Purwadewi Sundari, the law No. 12 of 2010 on Waste Management in West Java has no longer valid.

    Regarding to the determination of a revised Regulation on Waste Management in West Java, the committee drafts were signed by the Chairman of the Special Committee, Saipudin Zukhri and give recommendations. First, the new legislation on Waste Management in West Java is expected to accommodate and comply legislation that has not been used as guidelines in the previous legislation.

    Secondly, local governments need to synchronise and held coordination with municipalities government for the alignment in the implementation and supervision.

    Thirdly, the local government immediately implemented in practice socialisation and community to soon be able to know and understand the laws that have been passed. And the last, legislation should immediately be followed by the manufacture of Governor Regulation.

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