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    The Council Expects All To Be Involved in Combating Corruption


    BANDUNG-Chairperson of the West Java Provincial DPRD, Ineu Purwandewi Sundari, admitted that he was concerned about the re-arrest of the regional head in West Java in the Hand-Catching Operation (OTT) carried out by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) on Wednesday night (24/10) .

    "I hope that there will be no more problems in a West Java Province, we will go forward with leaders who have integrity," Ineu said, after chairing the West Java DPRD Plenary Meeting on Thursday (10/25).

    According to Ineu, his party handed over to law enforcement for further legal proceedings and prevention of the process must continue to be carried out, with the hope that it could at least reduce cases or eliminate cases altogether in West Java.

    "Prevention must be safeguarded and the government in the future must be better, and Political Parties, the Government, in addition to vertical institutions, we all have to cooperate well, all in order to create a government that really works well without matters related to corruption," he said.

    The Hand Arrest Operation (OTT) conducted by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) against Cirebon Regent Sunjaya Purwadisasta, on Wednesday (25/10) was allegedly related to the sale and purchase of positions.

    Previously the KPK also conducted OTT against the Bekasi Regent and a number of structural officials within the Bekasi Regency Government regarding the licensing of the Meikarta project. (Parno)

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