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    Minister Rini, Exports Bio Farma Vaccine Products to India, Pakistan, Turkey and Honduras


    BANDUNG-Minister of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) Rini Soemarno shows commitment and support for increased exports from various sector BUMNs. Rini was present to immediately release the export of Bio Farma vaccine products, witnessed by Ridwan Kamil, Governor of West Java. after previously releasing export products from Pindad, Dahana and LEN Industri in Bandung, Wednesday (10/31/2018).

    Rini said, "In the pharmaceutical industry sector, BUMNs are encouraged to produce pharmaceutical products have added value, BUMNs already have production exceed our domestic needs are encouraged to export".

    Rini added, "Bio Farma must continue to improve innovation, continue previous research and development, so in addition to meeting domestic needs, it can meet global needs".

    "We have to innovate for products were originally imported, we can be independent, even now we are able to export," he said.

    Meanwhile, M. Rahman Roestan, President Director of Bio Farma, also attended and conveyed, "Bio Farma has long exported vaccine products, we started our first export in 1998, one year after our vaccine products received pre-qualifications from the World Health Organization ( WHO).

    "Today, there are shipments to four (4) export destinations. Three (3) of them were Polio vaccine finished products (bOPV-20 doses) to Pakistan and to Turkey, and 10 doses of Diphtheria Tetanus Pertussis (DTP) vaccine to Honduras, Central America. Besides that we also have bulk shipments (intermediate materials or intermediate products) of Polio to India, "he added.

    "So, the total value of exports of vaccines released today, amounting to USD 5.18 million or around 75 billion rupiah. The exported product consists of 50 million doses of bulk polio to India, while to Pakistan, Turkey and Honduras around 1 million vials of bOPV-20 doses and 10 doses, "said Rahman.

    "The award is due to the success of Bio Farma in expanding the vaccine market, by increasing the number of markets in continental countries in Asia and Africa, until 2018, Bio Farma vaccine products have been used in more than 140 countries," Rahman concluded. (Pun)

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