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    Atalia Appreciated Asetar Visual Inspection (IVA) Test Results in Cimahi City


    CIMAHI-Chair of the West Java Province's Family Welfare Development Team (TP-PKK) Atalia Praratya, conducted an assessment of IVA Test (Visual Asetar Inspection) or early detection of cervical cancer, in the Karang Mekar Village of Cimahi City on Wednesday (10/31/2018) . IVA test is one of the categories contested in the framework of the Community Service Month (BBGRM) and West Java 2018 PKK Movement Unity Day.

    Atalia was accompanied by the West Java PKK Working Group IV recharging team, appreciated the Asetar Visual Inspection (IVA) test target in Cimahi City from 39,762 mothers, it has been realized to date as many as 12,081 mothers. Especially for the Karang Mekar region so far there not been found people affected by cervical cancer even though until now an examination has been conducted.

    "I am proud because the IVA test target for Cimahi City from 39,762 mothers to date has been carried out 12,081 mothers, and in the Karang Mekar Village Alhamdulillah there are no people found with cervical cancer," Atalia said.

    The socialization carried out by PKK cadres in Karang Mekar Urban Village was also assessed was quite good.

    "I also saw the socialization related to IVA tests was good at Karang Mekar, hopefully it can continue to be improved," he said.

    Atalia said, the PKK program was inseparable from the results of the National Working Meeting VIII in 2015. For this reason, programs implemented at the Village level must be in line with programs from the central, provincial and City / Regency levels. But it doesn't rule out the possibility to innovate according to the potential of the region.

    "By our center, five programs have been entrusted to compete but it is possible to innovate. So please take the local PKK to run contests related to the needs in the region, including what can be encouraged," she said.

    IVA test itself is a way to detect the early presence or absence of cancer even precancerous lesions in a woman's cervix. The earlier it is known the better. For in the Cimahi area, the Official Secretary of Cimahi City Maria Fitriana revealed, IVA tests were her concern, especially mothers were very important figures in the family.

    "Cancer is a trigger or a fairly high mortality rate in Indonesia, so this should be our concern," he said.

    Regarding IVA test, it always works together not only with PKK cadres but also with elements of the TNI. As is known, there are 13 TNI Education Centers in Cimahi in which many women must be kept in good health.

    "So it means that all of Cimahi's people will strive to be healthy, superior, strong human beings, so, they will help not only West Java but also Indonesia," Maria said.

    The number of IVA test targets in Karang Mekar Village is 1,268. The number of those have received education is 1,037 people and the number that has been examined is 791 people.

    "The percentage of achievement at Karang Mekar is 62 percent and we are ready to win the race," she said.

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