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    Vice Governor of All Cities / Regencies in West Java Obtain Natural Without Exception (WTP) Predicate


    BANDUNG - Vice Governor of West Java, Uu Ruzhanul Ulum opened the Regional Government Financial Accounting and Reporting Coordination Meeting between the Regional Office of the Directorate General of Treasury of West Java Province in West Java at the Soekarno Hall of Regional Office of the Directorate General of Treasury, West Java Province, Wednesday (10/31/18).

    Uu said it is very important as a form of appreciation for regional heads, including provinces that have achieved achievements in financial statements, in the form of Natural Without Exception opinion (WTP).

    "This achievement makes it a motivation for other regions to be better and able to maintain in the following years," he explained.

    Natural Without Exception (WTP) is one of the assessments of the quality of local government in using the Regional Expenditure Budget (APBD). The use of this Regional Budget is to improve people's welfare through development programs, starting from education, health and economy.

    As is known, West Java Province and 24 regencies / cities have received WTP, there are even successive ones, but Subang Regency, West Bandung Regency and Bandung City are still Natural with Exceptions (WDP).

    Responding to this, Uu suggested what the BPK recommends at the time of the assessment must be carried out on time. Most important is the intention and effort to settle or follow up on reports from districts / cities that will be submitted to the BPK.

    "Therefore, the West Java Provincial Government encourages districts / cities for WTP, there is no WDP in the coming year," he said.

    Head of the Regional Office of the Directorate General of Treasury of West Java Province, Yanuar Rasyid, said this activity was an effort to increase synergy between representatives of the central government and the provincial and district / city governments that focused on financial management. Accompanied by the awarding of awards from the Indonesian Minister of Finance as the fiscal manager.

    One reason for the existence of WDP districts / cities, Yuniar said this was due to ownership of fixed assets needed time to settle them. "But at least the BPK wants to see if there is a desire to settle it, it takes 2-3 years, but at least there is no effort to follow up," said Yuniar.

    Charter of Appreciation from the Government of the Republic of Indonesia for 2017 LKPD with the Achievement of the Highest Standards for several times has obtained a Fair Without Exception (WTP) audit opinion, including:

    1. Those who obtained WTP opinions 7 times in a row since 2011, 2017 are West Java Province, Depok City and Banjar City.

    2. Those who obtained WTP opinions 5 times in a row since 2013, 2017 are Ciamis Regency, Majalengka Regency and Cimahi City.

    3. Those who obtained WTP opinion 4 times in a row since 2014, 2017 are Bekasi Regency, Cianjur Regency, Kuningan Regency, Sukabumi Regency, Sumedang Regency, Tasikmalaya Regency and Sukabumi City.

    4. Those who obtained WTP opinion 3 times in a row since 2015, 2017 are Bogor Regency, Cirebon Regency, Garut Regency, Indramayu Regency, Karawang Regency, Purwakarta Regency and Bekasi City.

    5. Those who obtained WTP opinion 2 times in a row since 2016 until 2017 are Bandung Regency, Pangandaran Regency, Bogor City, Cirebon City and Tasikmalaya City.

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