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    Ridwan Kamil Proposes State-owned Enterprises (BUMN) companies in West Java to Form Communication Forums


    BANDUNG - The Regional Government of West Java Province will form a special communication forum with state-owned companies (BUMN) in West Java. It will be a forum for information related to synergies to meet the needs of the West Java community for innovation and technology.

    Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil said West Java was the place for various innovations and technologies to take place, as well as the business center of strategic BUMN companies in Indonesia.

    For this reason, Emil, the nickname of Ridwan Kamil, will improve communication with state-owned companies that are active in West Java to synchronize various needs of the people of West Java.

    "Insya Allah, with the permission of the Minister of State (BUMN) in the near future we will set up a West Java BUMN forum to synchronize the needs of West Java people at the forum," Emil said after attending the launch of various PT Len Industri (Persero) products in the Excelen event: Innovation for Country in the Office of PT Len Industri (Persero), Soekarno-Hatta Street Bandung City, Wednesday (10/31/18).

    Emil is also committed to helping the marketing of state-owned products even abroad when he conducts work visits. According to Emil, this is a synergy that can benefit both parties.

    "And on the contrary, we will buy products from BUMN for the needs of the people of West Java, we will also help to popularize the West Java Provincial Government diplomacy abroad," he said.

    Indonesian Minister of BUMN Rini Soemarno fully supports the existence of the West Java BUMN Forum. Through this forum, BUMN products will be utilized by the people of West Java. Even more so if BUMN products can be further developed will have an impact on employment.

    "The BUMN Forum with the West Java Provincial Government, I think is very good because it is finally two-way," said Rini on the same occasion.

    "If we can develop products (BUMN) that are utilized by West Java Province, of course we can't be separated from the hope the industry will grow, we can absorb more labor for the people of West Java," she continued.

    One of the implementation of synergies has been carried out by the Regional Government of West Java Province is with PT Pindad (Persero). Emil admitted two months ago his office asked Pindad to make a garbage scraper in a river called the Garbage Collection Barge.

    "Because I am and employee of Citarum was told to clean up the garbage. I am a little confused cleaning up the garbage in the river. There are products abroad, I would like to buy them overseas, "Emil said.

    On this occasion, President Director of PT Pindad (Persero) Abraham Mose also symbolically gave the tool to Governor Emil.

    "Apparently Alhamdulillah, within two months the prototype was finished. "This (Barge Waste Collection) will be an example of garbage picking machines in rivers throughout Indonesia not only in West Java," he said.

    In the framework of the 27th anniversary, PT Len Industri (Persero) launched a variety of products produced by the nation's children. Such as solar PV (Photovoltaics) innovation products for housing and offices called LenSolar. There is also LenRescue, a Fast Emergency Responder device that can provide energy sources and emergency equipment such as in natural disaster conditions. Minister Rini named this product LenTera.

    In addition, on this occasion Minister Rini also released various products of state-owned companies to be exported abroad. This export value reaches US $ 5.2 million which absorbs a workforce of up to 3,500 employees.

    This export product made by PT Pindad (Persero) will be exported to Thailand, PT Dahana (Persero) products will be exported to Australia, and production vaccines from PT Bio Farma (Persero) will be exported to India, Pakistan, Turkey and Honduras.

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