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    Excelen: Innovation for the Country


    BANDUNG-Len Industri realized the mission of the BUMN "Present to the Country" by organizing the Excelen event: Innovation for the Country, an offering from the next generation of the nation to Indonesia.

    The event was attended by Minister of State-owned Enterprises (BUMN) of the Republic of Indonesia, Rini Soemarno, who launched Len Industri's innovative products and released export products from PT Pindad, PT Dahana and PT Bio Farma were part of the synergy of BUMN to develop the country. Also present was the Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil, Wednesday (31/10).

    Excelen: Innovation for the Country also exhibits products of the nation's children ranging from transportation systems, renewable energy, navigation technology, information and communication technology and defense electronics.

    "BUMNs must be the pioneers of domestic products to reduce imports and as an effort to improve the nation's competitiveness. For this reason, the government has great hopes for Len Industry because of their technological innovation capabilities. Len Industrial, was filled by most young engineers, is the hope of the nation in achieving national aspirations to produce national quality products of the nation's children are able to compete internationally, "said Minister Rini Soemarno.

    Len Industrial also launched an innovative solar PV system for housing and office products called LenSOLAR. This product is here to contribute to the success of the Indonesian government's target to change 23% of total energy supply to renewable energy by 2025. The launch of LenSOLAR in the future will be accompanied by continuous education on renewable energy to the community and business people, not only recognize savings but also long-term benefits from the use of it.

    "The launch, LenSOLAR is answering the challenge to Len Industri to become a company that is not only able to compete in the business to business (BTB) market but also in the business to consumer market," said Minister Rini.

    In addition, Len Rescue also launched a Fast Emergency Responder device that can provide energy sources and emergency equipment in emergency situations, for example in conditions such as natural disasters. Jo

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