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    West Java Will Create Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) Anti-Corruption Buses


    BANDUNG - The Regional Government of West Java Province plans to make an Anti-Corruption Bus like that of the Republic of Indonesia Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK). Later this bus becomes a means of education and prevention of Community Service Program in West Java.

    "The issue of corruption is not only about prosecution or OTT (Hand Catching Operations). Prevention issues, education issues are important. Become an ecosystem," West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil said after attending the KPK Anti-Corruption Bus Roadshow at the Bandung City Hall Plaza, Wastukencana street, Bandung City , Tuesday (10/30/18).

    "Because this is the journey of our nation to become a nation of integrity," he added.

    According to Emil, Ridwan Kamil's nickname, this anti-corruption bus is innovative and has interesting content. For that, Emil will make the same bus next year as a means of prevention and education about the dangers of corruption for the people of West Java.

    "In the level of education and prevention, I see this bus is innovative, liked, and full of useful content for the community. But only one while West Java alone has almost 50 million residents, 27 regions, there are 600 more sub-districts," Emil said.
    "I don't think it will be enough if we only rely on instruments or facilities from the KPK. Then 2019 we will make the same, of course, with permission from the KPK, and we will tour West Java," he continued.

    KPk vice Chairman Saut Situmorang welcomed Emil's plan. Saut likens this bus as a mini KPK that will continue to move throughout Indonesia to provide education and prevention of corruption.

    "I think we should keep moving, keep moving, the philosophy first, so that if the Governor wants to, of course, how come the KPK's presence will also be there," Saut said.

    "Because of whatever the story is (anti-corruption bus) education and prosecution," he continued.

    In this bus there are various applications or modules to build integrity, such as how to make reports, LHKPN information, to anti-corruption games, and information about how to recognize and avoid gratuities.

    "If indeed we want to copy it later, we are ready to help. The technology is not very sophisticated, even the second former Jakarta-Bandung bus is also permissible. The important thing is that the strike stops. If it is overheating, it stops while explaining anti-corruption," Saut said

    "If the software is the same, then the air condition will only have to be made so that the children feel at home inside," he said.

    The city of Bandung itself became the last destination city of 11 regency / cities in West Java and Central Java which were visited by the anti-corruption bus.

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