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    ASITA Targets 265 Million Tourist Visits to West Java


    BANDUNG-Marketing and promotion of tourism products in the region is able to create a strong network, will later lead to business activities. For this reason, the Association of Indonesia Tour and Travel Agency (ASITA) of West Java DPD held the Asita West Java Travel Mart 2018 "Explore the Enchantment of the Archipelago".

    Asita Asar, DPP Chairman Asnawi Bahar said, this event was the second event held in West Java in 2018. One of the main targets was to increase tourism interest at the national level, especially in West Java, and to open opportunities for entrepreneurs including tourism entrepreneurs.

    "We hope this event will produce at least 255 million domestic targets (tourists), and 265 million visits next year," he told reporters at the Bandung Novena Hotel, Monday (10/29/2018).

    Asnawi said this activity was an effort to build a network based on accessibility, with this in order to create good tourism.

    Meanwhile, he said, foreign tourist visits in 2018 were targeted to reach 17 million foreign tourists, while in 2019 it was targeted to reach 20 million foreign tourists.

    "Last September we were only 10 million, we are still chasing for the next 3 months 6 million, this is not an easy job, we are creating domestic and foreign events, such as direct selling," he said.

    Meanwhile, the potential absorption of domestic and foreign tourists in West Java is very high. In fact, this year, according to him, West Java is able to absorb 58 million tourists with a variety of tourism wealth. It's just that, the amount is only obtained from manifest housing and also transportation.

    "If only Kertajati Airport is operating optimally, I am sure the number will increase," he said.

    He also hopes, in order to encourage tourism accessibility in West Java, the Government wants to increase access in the form of infrastructure to support the ease of tourism activities.

    "Now there is an airport (Kertajati), now only other access is made easier. West Java must develop destinations outside the city of Bandung, West Java is very broad with 58 million, "he said.

    "It is hoped new destinations can be absorbed, so the equality occurs, this multiplier effect of West Java is already prosperous. With this tourism should West Java be prosperous, "he added

    Meanwhile, Chairman of the West Java Asita DPD Budijanto Ardiansjah said the 2018 Asita West Java Travel Mart "Explore Pesona Nusantara" was enlivened by 158 buyers and 68 sellers from a number of regions and even abroad, such as Thailand, Malaysia and Korea.

    "This event will be held annually, to encourage tourism activities in West Java in particular," he said.

    Budijanto hopes this event will receive support from relevant agencies from the government. Because the activities carried out by Asita have implications for the performance of the government, especially in the field of tourism.

    "At this time, only the Office of Tourism and Culture of West Java Province, we hope in the regional governments such as regency cities also support so that the event is bigger," he concluded. (Pun)

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