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    The Vice Governor of West Java Inaugurated the Command Center & Emergency Service of Cirebon City


    CITY OF CIREBON - Vice Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum, inaugurated the operation of the Command Center and the emergency services of Cirebon Siaga112, is located on the 3rd floor of the Cirebon Mayor's Hall, Monday (29/10/18). Now, there are five regions in West Java have Command Center services.

    The Vice-Governor hopes the command center service will be present in 27 City Regencies to realize West Java as a digital (smart) province. Even this digitization service is in accordance with West Java champion's vision, which is born in an innovative, collaborative and digital way.

    "Our hopes are followed by other regions in West Java, now there are only five, because this is in line with the vision of West Java digital (smart) province," said Uu.

    Cirebon Command Center, presents related tax info, BPHTB info, billboard distribution, room availability and outpatient unit queues at Gunung Jati Hospital, licensing info to Linmas info integrated with Cirebon Police.

    Vice Governor said, the characteristic of a good government is to have effective communication with the community. With this Command Center program, it will facilitate the access of the people of Cirebon City to services from the government.

    "This program is to improve public communication with the government, which is a good feature of the government because government programs are known to the public and the wishes of the people are also known to the government," he said.

    The Vice-Governor requested the Cirebon City Government immediately socialize Command Center services and Cirebon alert112 to the public so they could directly access it.

    "With the presence of the digitalization era, the city of Cirebon has benefited tremendously," said Uu.

    On that occasion, the Vice-Governor of Uu also launched the Cirebon Matahatiku program (Monitoring the Happy Full City with my CCTV), launching a free internet program in the factory area and honesty canteen program at 15th Middle School and Sida Mulya Elementary School.

    Official Mayor of Cirebon, Dedi Taufik revealed, the construction of the Cirebon Command Center resulted in a budget of Rp 2,581,780,200. It consists of the construction of an interior design of Rp. 867 Million and for supporting facilities of Rp. 1.7 Billion.

    "In the implementation we were accompanied by the Cirebon Kejari TP4D," said Dedi.

    Regarding Cirebon alert emergency service 112, Dedi explained, since being tested this October, it has handled 11 true call events, including 7 fire cases, criminal cases, leaked PDAM cases, riots between drivers on the Palikanci toll road and emergency maternity cases.

    "Alhamdulillah, all of us immediately followed up," he said.

    In addition to the two programs, he also launched digital services such as the Cirebon data dashboard, e-Puskesmas dashboard, Cirebon Thumbnail dashboard and CCTV installation in public areas and ACTS in a number of vulnerable points.

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