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    Governor: PON Operations Budget Preferably From The State


    BANDUNG-According to West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan, PON events which has national scope should be financed by the state, both for implementation and construction of infrastructure. It thus revealed governor while giving a speech at the Chef De Mission Meeting of PON and Peparnas 2016 on Thursday (10/3) in the Mason Pine Hotel, Bumi Parahyangan, West Bandung.

    "So, a national event like PON should be financed by the state and not funded by the provincial budget. It's because that the provincial has no ability due to of the limited costs," he said.

    PON West Java has been spending trillions rupiah from the local budget, whereas it had to delay some other programs. It was considering that West Java would become the best host in this national event.

    Ahmad Heryawan said that in the future, whoever the provinces that will become the host for PON in 2020, 2024, or 2028, it should be financed from the state budget. Because it is impossible to produce both the national and international achievements without the presence of the state budget.

    "Nevertheless, we will set the field of the budget for PON in West Java,  because we want to be the best host and produce both the national and international achievements," he concluded.

    Chairman of KONI, Tono Suratman was also agreed to the governor's states. Even he suggested that the content of Governor’s speech should be revealed directly during the opening ceremony PON in the front of Mr. President later.

    Chef de Mission Meeting of PON and Peparnas 2016, is a forum of communication and coordination in preparing of PON whose including the contingent leadership candidate each province in Indonesia and the entire board of PB PON in West Java as the participants. It will last for several days and scheduled a discussion of technical issues including the PON match.

    This event was also presented by Vice Governor Deddy Mizwar, Chairman of West Java Parliament, Ineu Purwadewi, and representative officials of Forkominda West Java.

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