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    The 90th Youth Oath Day, Ridwan Kamil Said Three Things of Youth Capital


    BANDUNG - Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil said, young people today have a plus value as an advantage in development. The first is more literate information, in viral seconds. Therefore a moral stronghold is needed for tabayyun, it's better to be a little late but the information is correct.

    This is Emil, his nickname, conveyed after becoming the supervisor of the 90th Youth Oath Day Celebration Ceremony at the West Java Province in 2018 with the theme "Build Youths Together with Indonesia" on Gedung Sate's Front Page, Monday (10/29/2018). "Then second, young people now didn't like long-winded. Everything is very practical, everything can be solved with a smartphone," he said.

    Third, according to Emil, our youth is results oriented. So they want to quickly create and innovate. Of course, accompanied by three aspects of youth capital, are believers, knowledge must be intelligent and understandable. If all three criteria exist, Insya Allah, our youth will survive the afterlife.

    "The disadvantage there is still a easily to feelings, consuming a lot of hoaxes, getting along with spending time with vanity, and I still see a lot. Even though 'who we are' comes from who we accompany and friends, "Emil said.

    "So my message, if you want to be smart, hang out with smart young people, if you want to get along, associate with young people, if you want to be creative, connect with creative young people, if you want to be optimistic, connect with optimistic young people. Don't be the opposite, "he said firmly.

    Emil also asked the media not to always report negative things about youth. Tell about today's activities, where there are still many young people gain achievements receiving awards that will inspire other young people out there.

    "I entrusted to the media that young people who are looking for value and who are thirsty for information, (to report positive things) so what is on their mind is that our country is optimistic. Because a lot of achievements have been reported, "

    For this reason the West Java Provincial Government in empowering West Java youths launched programs through one village one company. The plan, said Emil, will be thousands of young people who will be made as directors. "The digital literacy, college graduates and modernized West Java Provincial Government are challenged 2-3 years to develop a village economy," he explained.

    "Certainly with their millennial style, I think it is able to translate the role of youth in the real sense. Building West Java by reducing inequality, focuses on rural areas, "he said.

    As the Ceremony Inspector, Emil conveyed the mandate of the Indonesian Minister of Youth and Sports, Imam Nahrawi, if the previous generation of youths were able to get out of the trap of primordial attitudes of tribes, religions, races and cultures, towards national unity. So the task of the youth at this time is to be able to open a view beyond the boundaries of the present world wall, in order to welcome a better future for the world.

    "O Indonesian Youth, the world is waiting for you, fight, give birth to ideas, determination, and ideals, your sacrifice will never be in vain in changing the world," he ordered.

    In the Celebration Ceremony of the 90th Youth Oath Day at West Java Province In 2018 awards were given to people who excelled with their innovations, including:

    I. West Java Innovation Award in 2018

    1. Robby Ul Pratama Al Amin, Innovation: Super Nelly Season-1, 3D Animation Serial Film with West Java Local Culture Content;

    2. Kuswana Sp Akobetor, Innovation: Environmentally Friendly Paddy Weed Weed Machine;

    3. Ir. By Suparjo, Innovation: Alternative Solution for Sustainable Agriculture Development through "Biotypul" Liquid Biofertilizer.
    II. West Java Initiative Award 2018

    1. Widya Putra, Prakarsa: Media for Mushroom Education;

    2. Sri Fitriani, Prakarsa: Development of Cultivation and Processing of Post-Harvest Coffee and Mount Halimun Sukabumi Through Empowering Vegetable Farmers.

    III. Appreciation of Young Entrepreneurs, Youth and Scout Organizations

    1. Alfian Pamungkas Sakawiguna, Business Name: PT. Cloud Hosting Indonesia, Organization: Scout Movement;

    2. Ageng Sutrisno, Business Name: Enchantment of Linggar Jati Tour And Travel, Organization: KNPI Kuningan;

    3. Hariska Ferdiansyah, Business Name: World Fruit, Organization: HIPMI Sumedang;

    4. Sarah Nurul Fatimah, Business Name: D’sarae Gudang Kreatif, Organization: Youth Association of the Great Mosque;

    5. Hera Wijaya, Business Name: Bongsang, Organization: Youth Organization.
    IV. First Winner of Pioneer Youth in West Java Province in 2018

    1. Yasser Muhamad Syaeful, Field: Education, Messenger: City of Bandung;

    2. Ari Bayu Purwanto, Field: Natural and Environmental Resources, Envoy: City of Bekasi;

    3. Alvin Renaldi, Field: Social Culture and Tourism Religion, Utusan: Sukabumi City;

    5. Imam Persuwaryantoro, Field Technology Innovation, Messenger: City of Bekasi.
    V. Young Entrepreneurs Achieving 2018 in the Field of Creative Industries

    Champion I Yusep Maulana, Business Name: Websitegratis.id, Utusan: Garut Regency;

    Champion II Maulidan Isbar, Business Name: Kayuh Wooden Bike, Messenger: Bogor Regency;

    Third Place Winner Hafid Fadilah, Business Name: Virageawie, Utusan: Cimahi City.

    VI. 2018 Achieving Beginner Young Entrepreneurs in Agriculture, Plantation, Animal Husbandry, Fisheries and Marine Affairs

    Champion I Rizal Abdul Halim, Business Name: Airmar Farm, Utusan: Kabupaten Cianjur;

    Champion II Rici Solihin, Business Name: Pap Rici Segar Barokah, Utusan: West Bandung Regency.
    VII. Outstanding Beginner Young Entrepreneurs in 2018 in the Field of Catering (Culinary)

    Champion I Istiqomah Nur Latifah, Business Name: CV. Brightfood Riung Gunung, Utusan: Kota Bandung;

    Second Winner Sandra Alfina, Business Name: Sunskrip, Utusan: Bogor City;

    3rd Winner Rizki Alrita Putri, Business Name: National Pineapple Republic, Utusan: Subang Regency.

    VIII. West Java Youth Organization Award in 2018

    1. Indonesian Christian Student Movement in Bandung City, Category: Organizational Governance, Rank I score 70.80;

    2. Sapma Pemuda Pancasila Sumedang Regency, Category: Creative Program Planning, Peringakt II scores 65.75;

    3. Karya Mandiri Workshop, Category: Environment, Rank I score 72.37;

    4. Sundanese Student Power Puseur, Category: Arts and Culture, Peingkat I score 72.00;

    5. Forza, Category: Community Service, Rank I scores 72.75.

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