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    The Vice Governor of West Java Urges the Demo to Not Be Easily Provoked


    BANDUNG-Around a thousand demonstration in front of Gedung Sate in response to the burning of a flag that read tauhid in Garut recently.

    The coming action to Gedung Sate after previously gathered at West Java Pusdai, they came from various communities, Bandung communities and its surroundings. Through loudspeakers from above the command vehicle, one by one they delivered their speeches.

    Meanwhile the Vice Governor of West Java, Uu Ruzhanul Ulum hoped the demonstration to defend the tauhid-marked flag was not ridden by political interests or even provoked.
    "Yes (there is a provocation charge), we are worried, if media language is fried, by people who are interested. Because we are sure, hopefully this is wrong, "Uu said at Gedung Sate, Friday (26/10).

    Uu asked all parties to forgive the arson so they could reduce the atmosphere to avoid conflict. "Yes, it's also a human. Humans are the wrong place, the place is wrong, so here the primacy of the rules of Islam, is sorry. Why not even if there is an error, "he said.

    "I understand what is public anxiety, but in this case there are various kinds of interpretations, but I leave this interpretation to the public, some say that this is a certain flag of an organization, there is a burning of kalimah toyibah, but our hopes are whatever happens leave it to the authorities, "he added. Jo

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