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    OJK Continues to Promote Financial Literacy and Inclusion in West Java


    BANDUNG - Head of the West Java Financial Services Authority (OJK) Sarwono said the target of financial inclusion must be able to reach 75% in 2019.

    "At present there is only about 65%, so this financial inclusion must continue to be encouraged, both by the OJK, banks and the people themselves," he said at the 2018 Financial Inclusion Month Festival at Bank BJB's headquarters on Wednesday (10/24).

    Besides inclusion, the level of financial literacy also needs to be improved. In West Java, according to him, new financial inclusion is around 60% or below the national level, while the financial literacy rate is still at 29%.

    "There is a fast difference between inclusion and financial literacy. This means that there is something that is not affected in an effort to increase it. This must be encouraged, "he said.

    According to Sarwono, if public financial literacy and inclusion are good, it will be less likely that people who are caught up in ignorant investments. People will also prefer to save in a bank instead of being stored under a pillow.

    "Bank BJB is a pioneer for the Financial Inclusion Festival in West Java, which was indeed set by the OJK, this October is the month," he said. jo

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