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    Consistent in Expanding Pasar Baru Exports, Bio Farma won the 2018 Primaniyarta Award again


    TANGERANG-PT Bio Farma once again won the Primaniyarta Award for the New Market Pioneer category from the Ministry of Trade, received by Sri Harsi Teteki, Bio Farma's Marketing Director, which was directly submitted by President Joko Widodo, at the Indonesia Convention Exhibition, BSD Tangerang Banten, Wednesday (10/24) .

    "We are the only State-owned enterprises (BUMN) that has received appreciation from the Government, of course participating in contributing to the country, we continue to strive to increase the capacity and capability of production to maintain and improve Export sustainability. At present our capacity: bulk (intermediate product) is around 2.3 billion doses, the final product of the vaccine is around 700 million doses, "said Teki.
    Teki added, regarding the new market pioneers "We export a lot to destination countries which contain risks, both political risks, economic risks at the time of payment, difficult transportation, also the presence of new countries that we entered," said Teki.

    "We also appreciate the support of the Government which will provide convenience from the Indonesian Export Financing Agency (LPEI) in Indonesia's export financing scheme," he added.

    The success of market expansion in African countries is inseparable from the cooperation made by Bio Farma with the cooperation organization of Islamic countries (OKI), where Bio Farma was appointed as a "center of excellence" and vice chairman of the vaccine manufacturer group OIC.

    The achievement of the award was motivated by the success of Bio Farma in expanding the vaccine market by increasing the number of "markets" in the countries of Asia and Africa, so that until 2018, Bio Farma products have been used in more than 140 countries. This year for the 7th time Bio Farma won the Primaniyarta award.

    "Our challenge is the expansion of facilities for new products. Our target in the future is to continue to explore export opportunities for final bulk products (HiB, Measles) and finished products (Pentabio - Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus, Hepatitis B and Haemophilus Influenza type B) and meet various international regulations (WHO, FDA and Registration in destination countries) and certainly maintain WHO Pre Qualifications for existing products and new products, "he said.

    Primaniyarta is the highest award given by the Government of Indonesia to exporters who are considered the most outstanding in the export sector and can be a model for other exporters. The implementation of the Primaniyarta Award is an annual routine activity held by the Government through the Ministry of Trade cq the Directorate General of National Export Development, the award was given in conjunction with the 33rd Indonesia Trade Expo with the theme "Creating Products For Global Opportunities". (Pun)

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