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    Governor: Education Program for Large Ulama Print Ulama Cadres


    BANDUNG - Governor of West Java, Mochamad Ridwan Kamil expects that the Ulama Cadre Education Program with an educational scholarship program at the Imam Malik Academy in Turkey can produce great scholars in the future.

    "Of the 800 who registered in Indonesia, it turned out that the tightest wins were only 13 who were elected and more than 50% were the best children of West Java," said the Governor, in the West Java event, Got Information (Japri) in Gedung Sate, Wednesday (10/24) .

    The governor stated, his congratulations and thanks to those who were selected and this program is hopefully useful so that the title of the Champion cleric's program, which is Going as a student, returns as an ulama can be achieved.

    "Hopefully that enthusiasm is present and that also applies to West Java ulama who have connections to friendly countries that have school programs. Gladly the West Java provincial government will maximize it," he said.

    According to the Governor, base on the West Java's Born Birth Champion's vision and mission, his party advised them to become future scholars and Ustad Ali Hidayat is a model that we guide, so hopefully coming home from education we have many clerics.

    "They will be able to provide an enlightenment of the relevance of Islam in the future, because they are millennial owners of the future," he said.

    On the occasion, the Governor also gave them Mount Puntang Coffee, with the hope that while they were educated in Turkey they could also promote Gunung Puntang coffee to the people in Turkey. (Parno)

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