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    Governor Ridwan Kamil Asks the Citizens to Maintain West Java Conducivity


    BANDUNG-Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil held a meeting with the West Java Regional Police Chief, Regional Military Commander III Siliwangi, Chairman of Indonesian Religious Leader (MUI) the West Java and religious leaders, to discuss the arson of the alleged HTI flag, at the West Java Regional Police Headquarters in Bandung, Tuesday (10/23/18).

    After the one-hour and closed meeting, the Governor told the media crew that he regretted the flag burning that took place on October, 22.

    "We deeply regret the incident," said the Governor who was familiarly called Emil.

    Furthermore, while waiting for the results of investigations from the police, Emil asked all parties to refrain, both the people in Garut, West Java and Indonesia. Emil said, at this time the Garut police station had succeeded in securing the perpetrators and would carry out the next process to see if there were aspects of criminal law on the incident.

    "Hopefully in the not too distant future the police will provide further explanation, but this day I think it has been carried out well by the Garut District Police with the direction of the West Java Regional Police," he said.

    His side, together with the West Java MUI, the City Regency MUI and Islamic organizations, have agreed to urge the public not to be carried away by the atmosphere eventually can aggravate the situation.

    "Of course we understand the reactions that occur and are human, but direct every expression, opinion or idea is expected to be done in a good forum in a good way," Emil said.

    He also asked the public to refrain from posting on social media.

    "We really hope West Java and Indonesia are always conducive," he said.

    Emil completely surrendered the matter to the police had handled it quickly. In handling this case the police were also accompanied by scholars.

    "West Java Provincial Government appreciates and supports the response from the West Java Regional Police so this case does'nt drag on and be resolved properly," said Emil.

    In line with the Governor, the head of the West Java MUI, Rachmat Syafei, asked the public not to be easily provoked.

    "We, the West Java MUI, thank the police who professionally handled this case and I urge the public not to be easily provoked so, they widen in unnecessary directions," said Rachmat.

    At the same place, West Java Police Chief Inspector General of Police Agung Budi Maryoto revealed his party was currently securing 3 perpetrators with initials A, M and F and was in the process of being questioned at the Garut District Police Station.

    "The incident of burning HTI flags in the Garut Limbangan Square was carried out temporarily by 3 people with initials A, M, F, now being examined," said the Kapolda.

    He also ordered the Garut police chief to conduct an in-depth examination of the 3 people to completion. In connection with the criminal aspect, it has coordinated with criminal law experts and scholars.

    "Insya Allah, tomorrow afternoon, we will be present at the Regional Police Headquarters to conduct case titles. Meanwhile, what we can say is," he said.

    According to the Governor's instructions, continued Agung, the citizens should jointly maintain the conduciveness of West Java that has been established and guard the investigation process.

    "Let's guard the process, hopefully it will be finished soon. I also urge all elements of society to be smart, don't be easily affected, if there is information on social media, they should 'tabayyun' first," hoped Agung.

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