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    Decreasing Imports In West Java in January 2016


    BANDUNG - West Java import value in January 2016 was US$ 903.05, or decreased of 11.69 percent compared to December 2015, which reached US$ 1.02 billion.

    Head of BPS West Java Bachdi Ruswana informed that the non-oil imports in January 2016 has reached US$ 873.03 million, or 7.46 percent compared to December 2015 were reached at US$ 943.42 million.

    Oil imports was decreased 62.07 percent from US$ 79.15 million to US$ 30.02 million. Over the last 13 months, the highest gas import value in West Java in September 2015 has reached US$ 146.25 million, while the lowest was US$ 30.02 million occurred in January 2016.

    The highest value of non-oil imports was recorded in June 2015 for US$ 1.02 billion, while the lowest value was recorded of US$ 786.92 million in July 2015.

    The largest of West Java non-oil imports was from China in January 2016 amounted to US$ 236.75 million, South Korea amounted to US$ 130.81 million, and Japan amounted to US$ 125.81 million, with the respective role was 27.12 percent, 14.98 percent and 14.41 percent in January 2016.

    Compared to December 2015, the import commodity group of raw materials decreased of 12.21 percent from US$ 816.82 million to US$ 724.40 million, imports of consumer group decreased of 4.26 percent from US$ 57.29 million to US$ 54.85 million, and imports of capital goods decreased of 11.65 percent from US$ 140.12 million to US$ 123.80 million.




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