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    Governor: Entrepreneurship in the Community-Based Economic Movement


    BANDUNG-Governor of West Java, Mochamad Ridwan Kamil said, entrepreneurship is a community-based economic movement that invests in economic development and human resource development based on the direction of economic policy of the Central Government and Regional Governments to participate in regulating microeconomic and macroeconomic activities.

    "Entrepreneurship is the terminology contained in government affairs in the field of youth, as stated in the Appendix to the Youth Sub-Sector Act No. 23 of 2014 concerning Regional Government," he said.

    The governor said, the provincial authority is awareness, empowerment and development of youth and youth towards provincial pioneers of youth, youth entrepreneurs and provincial cadres and this is in line with policies issued by the West Java Provincial Government through the West Java Provincial Regulation Number 8 Year 2016

    "Regional Regulation No.8 2016 concerning Guidelines for Youth Services, which among other things regulates the substance of the establishment of youth entrepreneurship incubators and institutions for youth entrepreneurship capital in order to support youth entrepreneurship development services," he said.

    In submitting opinions to the West Java DPRD Raperda Initiative, at the West Java Regional parliament (DPRD) Plenary Meeting (22/10), the Governor stated, related to simplification of rules, it is necessary to review the central material or substance of the draft regulation on Entrepreneurship so that it does not overlap and match authority.

    "The National Entrepreneurship Bill has entered National Legislation Program for 2015-2019 and has become the Priority Prolegmas which has now entered the Parliament Special Committee, this has implications for the draft regulation material because it is unclear what authority the Provincial Government must do in Entrepreneurship," he said.

    According to the Governor, the Entrepreneurship Draft should contain content in the framework of implementing regional autonomy and co-administration tasks and accommodating regional special conditions and further elaboration of higher legislation.

    "Please explain the material related to the specific conditions of the West Java Province in the draft regulation that has not been described from the Draft Bill, because there are a lot of content material which is more or less the same as the substance of the National Entrepreneurship Bill," he concluded. (Parno)

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