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    President Jokowi Wants the Santri Love Nation and noble character


    BANDUNG-President Joko Widodo attended the 2018 Santri Day Peak Night event. The event was held at Gasibu Square, Bandung City, West Java, Sunday night, (10/21/2018).

    In his remarks, the President said that being a santri was to become an Islam who loved the nation, became a religious Muslim, became a santri who had a noble character and at the same time nationalist as was advocated by kiai, ajengan and ulama.

    "History has recorded the great role of the ulamas, the kiai, the santri in the Indonesian struggle for independence, in safeguarding Pancasila, in maintaining the Republic of Indonesia, and always guiding the path of goodness, the path of truth, and the path of progress," said the President.

    Commemoration of Santri Day which was determined through Presidential Decree No. 22 of 2015 according to the President is a form of respect and gratitude to the state for the contribution of the kiai, the ulama, the santri, and all components of the nation who followed the example of the ulema.

    "We should be grateful that Indonesia is guided by a strong tradition of modesty. The tradition of high respect and respect for others, upholds the principles of habluminallah and habluminannas," he said.

    In line with the theme of the program "Bersama Santri, Damailah Negeri", the President also invited all parties to jointly maintain harmony, unity and brotherhood among the nation's children. Especially considering that Indonesia is a country that is blessed by God with a variety of diversity.

     "Therefore, in order to safeguard our shared home, which is called the Republic of Indonesia, let's keep unity because the nation's greatest asset is unity, harmony and brotherhood," he said.

    To maintain this unity, the President also advised us not to easily believe in hoaks or slander on social media. According to him this often arises, especially before the democratic feast such as the election of regents, mayors, governors, until the presidential election.

    "Please, the students of different choices are okay. The name is different choice. Every five years there must be. This is a political choice, but don't let the Muslims mutually denounce one another, fellow countrymen of each other," he said.

    At the event, awards were also given to the winners of the Santri Millennial Competition. The prize was handed over directly by the Minister of Religion Lukman Hakim Saifuddin.

    After the event, the President took time off from the stage to shake hands with the students. This moment was welcomed by the students who came from various regions to shake hands and take pictures with the number one person in the Republic.

    Also accompanying the President in this event were Minister of Religion Lukman Hakim Saifuddin, Cabinet Secretary Pramono Anung, Vice Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum, and Bandung Mayor Oded Muhammad Danial. (Pun)

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