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    Jokowi: The Integrity of Indonesia Is Not Apart from the Role of Ulama and Santri


    BANDUNG-In the midst of attacks by radical ideology, the spirit of unity in the nation and state must be maintained stronger. One of the elements of the nation that managed to marry diversity and the spirit of nationality is the santri. That was reminded by President Jokowi at the peak night of 2018 National Santri Day ccelebration at the Gasibu Bandung field (10/21) at 19.30.

    President Jokowi wore a sarung, cap and koko dress wrapped in a black suit asked all elements of the nation to guard the joint house called The Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia. "Our biggest assets are unity, harmony and brotherhood, so let's keep ukhuwah Islamiyah and ukhuwah wataniyah," he said in front of 10 thousand visitors packed the Gasibu field since the afternoon.

    Indonesia, continued Jokowi, is the country with the largest Muslim population in the world and one of the most important elements that maintain the integrity of the Republic of Indonesia is the santri. "We should be grateful because the Indonesian nation is guided by a tradition of strong politeness," he said.

    The Indonesian nation is different, don't let the differences divide. Indonesia has 17 thousand islands, 34 provinces, 514 districts / cities, 263 million inhabitants consisting of 714 tribes, 5 religions and 1100 languages. According to Jokowi, people often forget that we are brothers of the same country.

    According to the President, the unity of Indonesia has been built so far hasn't been separated from the role of the ulama. History records their major role in the time of the struggle for independence and then to maintain the Pancasila, the Republic of Indonesia, and Bhinneka Tunggal Ika.

    In his speech, Jokowi conveyed, the National Santri Day celebration was a tribute and gratitude to the state to the ulama, kiyai, habaib, ajengan and the santri and all components of the nation who followed their example. "To be a santri is to be an Islam who loves the nation, a Muslim who is religious, and a student who is an expert in Islam as exemplified by our kyai," he said.

    For this reason, the government has several programs that encourage the progress of pesantren in concrete terms, such as the Micro Wakaf Bank and the Vocational Training Center which is currently being tested.

    "We will continue to evaluate whether it is all useful or not. Competition between countries is so tight requires human resources are not only good-hearted but also highly skilled, "he said.

    The Minister of Religion also spoke at the event said the issue of peace was raised to respond to the condition of the nation which was being overwritten by various hoax issues, speeches of hatred, propaganda of violence and terrorism.

    The 2018 National Santri Day program, with the theme "Together with the Peaceful Santri Country", said the Minister of Religion, wasn't just a ceremony, but the affirmation the state was as important as religion. "On this Santriversary night I invite all students to never be tired of loving Indonesia," he said.

    The National Santri Day celebration was first held in 2015, after President Joko Widodo signed Presidential Decree No. 22 of 2015 concerning Santri Day, which falls every October 22. (Pun)

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