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    Opening of Jagakali International Art Festival # 7


    CIREBON CITY-Jagakali International Art Festival # 7 is an annual festival which is an activity of saving and caring for the environment, packed in art and culture. This activity is held for 3 days, Friday to Sunday, October 19-21 2018 at the banks of Pacit River, Harjamukti District, Cirebon City.

    Good cooperation between volunteers, environmental activists and artists who are members of Sinau Art and residents of the Kalijaga urban village in Cirebon who live around Pacit River turn the riverbank into an exhibition and entertainment stage.

    The 3-day event featured a number of art performances, cultural carnivals, library stalls, fun games, games and bazaars of a number of small and medium sized micro business (UMKM) products as well as exhibitions attended by dozens of communities who care about the river.

    Not only visitors from various regions in West Java or Indonesia but also representatives such as from Korea, America, the Philippines, Croatia and Mexico to showcase their art and culture.

    "For this year the name International is added because it invites guests from various countries who will display their arts and culture." Said Nico Broer Permadi as Founder of Jagakali International Art Festival (10/19/2018).

    In the opening of the Jagakali event, there was also Acting The Mayor, Dedi Taufik, invited all visitors to sing his songs about caring for the environment, especially the river, Jagakali.

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