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    West Java Regional Police Arrest Gay Community in Social Media


    BANDUNG - West Java Regional Police Special Criminal Investigation Directorate revealed the gay community on social media. In this disclosure, the police secured two suspects with the initials IS and IW, who acted as group admins in the community social media.

    Based on a search conducted by the Cyber Patrol team, the police found the Facebook group 'Gay Bandung Indonesia', where in the group there were many conversations that violated moral norms, such as same-sex orientation conversations, to male massage services.

    "The modus operandi, they socialize this group to the same sex to be able to connect on social media," said Vice-Director of Special Criminal Investigation at AKBP Hari Brata to reporters at this disclosure of the West Java Regional Police Ditreskrimsus Building, Friday (10/19/2018).

    Hari explained the social media group had 4,093 members, and often held 'ground coffee' or meetings in the real world. In fact, there are indications there are minors who are members of the group.

    "This group is closed, so only those who know. So, if you are familiar with the admin, you will only be included (become a member)," he explained.

    The two perpetrators were arrested in a boarding house in the Batununggal area, Bandung City. From the search at the boarding house, officers found five mobile phone units that are often used by perpetrators to manage the Facebook group 'Gay Bandung Indonesia'.

    The results of the search also found 25 contraceptives, and other sex aids commonly used to have sex between the two perpetrators and allegedly with other male friends.

    "The perpetrator could change the description of the group's name to "Save Gay Bandung," he said.

    Both perpetrators are charged with Article 45 paragraph (1) jo. Article 27 paragraph (1) of Law Number 19 of 2016 concerning amendments to Law Number 11 of 2008 concerning Information and Electronic Transactions, which threatens to maximum sentence of six years in prison. (Pun)

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