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    Indonesian Bachelor of Economics Association (ISEI) West Java Supports Governor Roadshow


    BANDUNG - Chair of the West Java Indonesian Economic Scholars Association (ISEI) supports the roadshow carried out by the Governor of West Java to Moscow even to other countries.

    According to him, it is needed to find foreign investors are ready to help finance infrastructure development in West Java.

    "Of course it is impossible to rely on Regional Expenditure Budget (APBD), there must be private investors both at home and abroad. The governor's roadshow step is right, "he said at the ISEI West Java office in Dahlan Street, Bandung, Friday (10/19).

    He also stated the Governor's attention to the BIJB must be maximal. Because BIJB will be the main growth point in West Java if the access to the airport location is maximum, either land or train.

    "BIJB is the central point of the development of West Java, tourism will go forward, logistics will be faster and cheaper," he said.

    He also encouraged the West Java Provincial Government to prioritize building the processing industry, not to be fixated on the raw material industry.

    "The goods produced must have added value, do not keep raw materials," he explained. jo

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