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    Minister of Social Affairs: Economy of Central Sulawesi Has Been Normal After the Earthquake and Tsunami


    BANDUNG-Minister of Social Affairs of Republic of Indonesia (Social Minister), Agus Gumiwang said the handling of the earthquake and tsunami disaster in Palu and Donggala in Central Sulawesi could run well even relatively faster.

    Agus said that although he was still in an emergency, the economy of the community had run normally. He said, since the 7th day after the disaster, several markets and shops at the disaster site had been active again.

    "Thank God, Central Sulawesi's disaster management according to many parties including overseas can run smoothly. It can be said that it is less than 1 week," Agus told reporters at the Bandung STKS campus on Wednesday (10/17/2018).

    Agus also emphasized the security factor which had been the obstacle in distributing aid to disaster victims which had been handled properly.

    "The issue of security has no problem because it has already taken down about 6 thousand TNI National Police security personnel who remain assigned there," he said.

    Likewise with infrastructure. Agus ensured that the electricity and fuel networks were already available to the people of Central Sulawesi so that there were no more lines of community to find sources of basic needs.

    "We are optimistic that economic movements in Central Sulawesi and areas affected by disasters can run faster," he concluded. Jo

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