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    Ministry of Social Affairs Will Change Social Welfare School into a Polytechnic


    BANDUNG-To meet the needs of social workers, the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs (Ministry of Social Affairs) will change the Social Welfare School (STKS) to become a polytechnic.

    The Indonesian Minister of Social Affairs (Social Minister), Agus Gumiwang said besides Bandung STKS, there were several STKS in the archipelago that would become polytechnics such as Sumatra and Kalimantan.

    "Later in other cities, we will set it as a Polytechnic like in Sumatra and Kalimantan," Agus told reporters at the Bandung STKS campus on Wednesday (10/17).

    Agus revealed the efforts made by the Ministry of Social Affairs to form a STKS Polytechnic had been conveyed through the Ministry of Research and Technology and it was hoped in the near future it would soon be realized.

    "I have talked with the Minister of Research and Technology and get a positive response, only the details are clear, what we are pursuing is the quality and quantity of STKS graduates," he added.

    The change of STKS into a Polytechnic certainly has consequences. One of them will add facilities and infrastructure including the number of students studying at the campus. It is hoped with the change in STKS status to become a Polytechnic

    "Our target is not only in terms of quality but also the quantity of students," he said.

    Social Minister Agus added there are many opportunities and opportunities to become social workers. For example the needs in the field, especially social workers from each sector include social workers handling drugs, neglected children, the elderly, and others.

    "Until now the number of social workers is still less than ideal compared to the number of graduates," he said.

    In the future, Agus continued, his party will formulate a policy so that STKS graduates who have the highest GPA can be directly made into the State Civil Apparatus (ASN) within the Ministry of Social RI.

    "Surely those who can graduate from this we consider understanding what is the task of the Ministry of Social Affairs. So something that is very reasonable if they can we employ in the Ministry of Social Affairs," he concluded. Jo

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