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    National Santry Day, Form of State Award to Ulama & Santri


    BANDUNG-Since 2015, the Central Government through Presidential Decree No. 22 of 2015 concerning Santri Day stipulates every October 22 as National Santri Day (HSN). This is a form of appreciation and respect for the state to scholars and students have been instrumental in fighting for Indonesian independence.

    Celebrating of the third National Santri Day this year was held in Bandung city on Sunday (10/21/18) night. President of Indonesian Joko Widodo (Jokowi) accompanied by Vice-Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum and Minister of Religion Lukman Hakim Saifuddin were present at the summit of the HSN event held at the Gasibu Square.

    "This (HSN) is a form of government appreciation to us students," Vice-Governor Uu said in his welcome address.

    On this occasion, Uu invited the students to contribute more in the development of the nation. Uu said, students could go into politics, economics, or other fields.

    "Hopefully santri are increasingly exist, students are increasingly present in the political, economic, social and social arena in this country," said Uu.

    The same thing was also conveyed by President Jokowi. HSN is a form of respect and gratitude to the ulamas and students. Jokowi considered the ulama and santri had played a major role during the struggle for independence.

    "This (HSN) is a state of respect and gratitude to the ulama, kiai, habib, ajengan, and the santri and all components of the nation who follow the example of them," said Jokowi.

    "History has recorded the great role of the ulamas and santri during the struggle for independence in maintaining Pancasila, the Unitary Republic of Indonesia, and Unity in Diversity always guides to the path of goodness, to the path of truth and progress," he continued.

    So, Jokowi wants Indonesian students to become Muslims love the nation and nationalists. The contribution of the santri is needed to maintain the integrity of the Republic of Indonesia.

    "Being a santri is to be an Islam who loves the nation, a santri who maintains akhlakul kharimah, as well as a nationalist santri," said Jokowi.

    "I want to remind all of us that our country, the Republic of Indonesia (Unitary Republic of Indonesia) is our own home. We must understand and realize we need to be cared for and we take care. Who is guarding? One of them is the santri," he said.

    Together with Peace of Country's Santri

    This time the HSN took the theme: "Together with the Country of Peace". According to Religion Minister Lukman Hakim Saifuddin, the issue of peace was deliberately raised as a response to the condition of the nation which is facing various problems. Like hoaxes, hate speech, polarization of political sympathizers, propaganda of violence, and terrorism.

    "This year's Santri Day is a momentum to reinforce the role of santri as a peace pioneer oriented to the spirit of religious moderation in Indonesia," Lukman explained.

    Islamic boarding school as the home of the santri, it is expected not only institutions that master religious knowledge in depth. However, Lukman said, pesantren must also be able to beautify the knowledge and behavior of santri through wise, moderate, tolerant, and patriarchal characters.

    "Therefore, the santri should be more powerful and active in giving examples of peace in this easy-going era," Lukman said.

    "Let us spread peace whenever, wherever and to anyone," he invited.

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